What is Apps on Tapp? Apps on Tapp is a review website with a heavy focus on reviewing fresh apps. Most of our app reviews cover indie apps, but we also will review new apps that quickly climb that charts as well. Our website provides users with Fresh Apps, Served Daily. We try to avoid apps that are … well crap, in an effort to keep our readers happy. Apps on Tapp offers written reviews that thoroughly examine apps, and hands-on video previews that let users see apps in action.

Are you tired of App Review websites that are full of so much clutter you don’t even know where to click? The goal of our website is to provide users with a clean website design that makes it simple and easy to find app reviews.  Our homepage is inspired by our name, Apps On Tapp. Tapping on one of the app icons opens up the review, it’s as simple as that. Our website was specifically designed with iOS devices in mind so a separate app isn’t needed.

What makes Apps on Tapp stand out over other app review websites? We try our best to keep the reviews as current as possible. We have developed coding that allows the price, rating and version updates to always stay current with the App Store. That means if an app drops to Free, it automatically updates in our review. This saves us a lot of time and it also ensures that our readers have the most current information. We recently started to include the version of the app that we reviewed at the bottom, along with the current updates that have occurred after our review. The version updates automatically show at the bottom of the review so we never have to go back and add them manually. This means our readers will always have the most up-to-date information about an app.

We mainly focus on indie, undiscovered and new games that just hit the App Store so gamers can find new apps for their iOS devices without worrying if they will waste their money.

  • We do not review apps that have a low rating score in the App Store.
  • We do not charge developers for reviews (This allows us to offer our readers reviews that are not biased.)
  • We do not solicit money and we do not prey on developers who need the exposure.

Apps on Tapp relies on advertisements and affiliate programs to keep the review website running. Our review website may contact developers directly and developers may contact us. We may receive a free copy of the app to review it and/or promo codes to giveaway to our readers, but this does not affect the quality of our review. If we are compensated money, gift cards or other items for reviewing an app, we will place a disclaimer at the bottom of our review.

We strive to run our website with the highest standard of ethics by giving our readers honest, accurate and informed reviews. Our reviews are not affected by promotions, contests, advertisements or affiliates. Apps on Tapp strives to follow the O.A.T.S guidelines.

All reviews on our website are the honest opinion of the author.

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