How We Review Apps

Our Mission

We strive to provide our readers with honest, fair and accurate reviews. Our previous review process displayed the current star rating from the App Store, but this has proven to not be effective as it’s evident that some developers do not have “real” reviews because they pay for them. We now rate our reviews on an overall star scale and take into account all elements as a whole such as graphics, sound, interface, iOS integration, functionality and replay value. Each review will have a star rating from 5 stars down to 2 stars.

Why are there no 1 or 1-1/2 stars? Because we won’t review an app if it really is that bad. Since ratings are subjective, we encourage our readers to leave comments to let others know what they think about the app. We would rather show our readers what other gamers like themselves think along with the facts presented in our reviews so they can come to their own conclusions without judging an app by its cover. However, it’s evident that review readers love star ratings, so we will continue to provide them as a guideline. Only the best and absolute most awesome apps will get a 5 star rating and inducted into our Editor’s Choice section.

Smiley Face Scale

We provide readers with is a quick overview at the beginning of each review based on a smiley face scale. A happy smiley :-) indicates what’s good about the app and states its general purpose, a sad smiley :-( tells users what’s wrong with the app or where it can be improved and a surprised smiley¬† :-o lets users know what makes the app stand out or what’s so cool about it. Through this system we are able to provide our readers with a fair rating and quick overview before they read the in-depth review.

Additional Information

Each review displays a video at the very top if one is available, along with the current price of the app which updates automatically with the App Store. Our website also includes the version of the app that we reviewed so users can see what has updated since our last review.

Along with lengthy reviews, we also provide previews for apps. This is our way of helping developers promote their app quickly without getting into all the details. These previews won’t include an overview, but they are short snippets that give our readers quick insight about the app.

Every so often we look through our reviews and pick out our favorite apps that we review. These top apps are categorized into a Top 5 list that we share with our readers to help them discover similar apps and games that they may be interested in. Our Top 5 lists prove to be very popular and we hope to continue to share them with our readers.

Apps On Tapp also provides our readers with Best Apps list that are carefully researched and put together. These Best Lists include video trailers, current prices and short overviews and links to our reviews if available to help our readers find the perfect app.


If you have any questions or suggestions about our reviews, want to write your own review to show off on our website or wish to submit an app for review feel free to e-mail us at


Our reviews, previews and interviews are 100% free, but we cannot make any promises about the review, when it will be posted or if your app will even receive one. Rest assured, we will never charge you for a review.