App Store Changes in iOS 6 Update May Hurt Developers

While the new App Store layout may look appealing to users, it’s starting to create a headache for iOS developers. Not only is there a new algorithm powered by Chomp that makes it difficult for users to find apps, the layout is even more difficult to scroll through to find the results. Instead of designing a simpler App Store interface, too much time was put into making it look different.

Additionally more focus is placed on the app’s icon and screenshot than the iTune’s description. Users were able to read about the app before, and now they are presented with the app icon, name, rating and the screenshots. It’s also not quite as easy to see the developer name and ratings as they are hidden at first glance. Users must tap on these areas to expand them.

Another feature that may hurt or help developers is that it appears that only the first five reviews are shown for the app. I tried tapping on more reviews, and it wasn’t possible to sort through them by most critical or previous versions. I’m hoping that the ability to only see a handful of reviews is just a bug.

The new algorithm is the most alarming as it makes searching a bit more difficult. When users search for a specific app, it may not appear as the first search result. Also, users have to scroll through results one at a time instead of viewing a whole list.

The update makes finding and discovering new apps non-existent, which is quite frustrating for developers. Thanks to this new design, developers are going to need to change their perspective on app creation. With less diverse apps being discovered by iOS users due to search confusion, developers have every right to be upset.

What do you think of the new App Store changes? Will it help or hurt developers or did Apple only have the consumers in mind? Let us know what you think.

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