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Autumn Dynasty


Published By: Bulkypix Developed by: Touchdimension



Price: $6.99


:-D : A well-designed real time strategy game with intense gameplay and hours of replay value.

:-( : Controls are hard to adapt to using at first. Once gamers get the hang of them, they work well.

8-O : There is a multiplayer mode for Bluetooth or internet and it includes voice chat.


Autumn Dynasty (universal) has been on the App Store for some time, but now it is universal and designed to play on both the iPad and iPhone. The recent update also includes new features like a redesigned interface for the iPhone, a blitz mode and a multiplayer function across all devices.

I never had the opportunity to check out Autumn Dynasty when it was released, so I thought it would be fair to review it since it is available on all platforms now. Gamers will see this real-time strategy game climb the charts again as it is also on sale for the first few days of the universal release.

It’s great that Autumn Dynasty is available on all platforms because the graphics are one of its best selling features, and now all iOS owners can experience them. I was impressed with just how great this game looks. It has an Asian-style going for it and everything is detailed and stands out on retina displays.

In this RTS title, players are the General and must train, research, construct and fight their way to victory. Battle plans are drawn directly onto the map and there are plenty of special abilities to make war battles interesting. The game includes three ways to play. Story mode is the campaign that feature unique levels and well over 10 hours of gameplay. Skirmish lets gamers challenge the AI in a battle across different maps. Multiplayer is where players can challenge other gamers through Bluetooth or the internet and it includes voice chat.

There are many different units to deploy in this strategy game that range from swordsmen and archers to horsemen and catapults. Each unit has its own strengths, weaknesses and special abilities so players must plan wisely. Controlling these units is as simple as tapping and drawing directly on the screen.

I can see why everyone loves this RTS game as it’s nearly perfect. The gameplay is addicting, the storyline is engaging and there’s plenty of content. The only small issue I had was adapting to the intuitive controls. They are different, but they also work well on the mobile device. Once gamers get the hang of how the controls work, it’s hard not to like them.

Overall, the universal version plays is purely awesome. The developers did a nice job bridging the gap, and it’s great that multiplayer is across all devices as well. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check Autumn Dynasty out yet, now’s the time to grab a copy while it is on sale.

Version Reviewed 1.4

2 Responses to “Autumn Dynasty”

  1. BigNick says:

    Apps On Tapp Rocks :D

  2. I love this game. This is a nice game. It is full of adventure. I just heard about “Ultimate Space Blaster”. It is soon available on iTunes.

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