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Bad Piggies


Developed by: Rovio Entertainment Ltd

App Store Rating: : 4.5

Price: $0.99

:-D : They’re baaack. Bad Piggies is a physics puzzler game from the creators of Angry Birds, but there are no feathery friends in this game. Instead, players must build vehicles to help the pigs make it through each level.

:-( : No universal version available.

8-O : There are secret items to find in each level.


Bad Piggies (also available for the iPad) is a physics puzzler game from the creators of Angry Birds. It’s time to play the game from the Pigs’ point of view. This spin-off doesn’t feature those birds we all love, but instead it focuses on those green pigs we love to destroy.

They’re baaack. The green pigs aren’t worried about birds slinging into them in this installment. The goal instead is to build a vehicle to transport the hogs to the finish line. Three stars are earned based on achievements instead of high scores.

The environments and artwork will look familiar to Angry Bird fans. Players are free to zoom out to see the whole environment to locate their destination. In order to earn the tree stars, gamers must reach the finish line, complete the level under a certain time, avoid using certain vehicle parts and much more. The requirements change according to the level that gamers play. Since it will be difficult to earn all three stars the first time a level is played, Bad Piggies has the same (if not better) replay value as Angry Birds.

What’s great about Bad Piggies is that it requires planning. Instead of mindlessly slinging birds across the screen, players must actually use a little brain power to complete many of the levels. There are mechanics available as in-app purchases for anyone who needs help completing a level.

There’s over 90 levels for gamers to complete that are spread across three worlds so don’t expect to get bored quickly. The game also includes a total of 33 Game Center achievements. The disappointment is that you’ll have to shell out more money for the HD version as there is no universal app available—which shouldn’t come as a surprise for those familiar with Rovio titles.

Bad Piggies is loads of fun and more levels are expected in the future. Be prepared to see this game stay at the top of the App Store charts for awhile. If you love Angry Birds and can’t get enough of those mischievous green hogs, Bad Piggies is sure to put a smile on your face.

Version Reviewed 1.0.0

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