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Bunny Cannon


Developed by: Not Doppler


Price: $0.99


:-D : Players aim and launch bunnies from cannons and collect them in baskets all while avoiding hazardous obstacles in this zany arcade title.

:-( : Controls could use some tweaks. It’s often hard to aim, and players must keep their finger on the screen to fire the cannon.

8-O : Colliding bunnies of opposite colors causes them to pop like popcorn and multiply.


From the developers who brought iOS users the popular zombie killing Earn to Die game comes a more light-hearted title about adorable little bunnies. Bunny Cannon (also available for iPad) takes players on a wild ride into a young bunny’s imagination. The little bunny asked his parents where bunnies come from, and he received plenty of creative but inconsistent stories from the adult bunnies. The poor little fellow is confused and his imagination is left to run rampant.

The goal in each of the 90 challenging levels is to fill baskets with the required number of bunnies. Players achieve this by launching them from the cannon, but it’s necessary to aim carefully to avoid the hazardous obstacles that get in the way.

When it’s time to play, gamers tap on the screen whenever the cannon is at the correct position. The aim and power are controlled by how far players pull the trail of dots away from it. Simply lift the finger off the screen and the cannon fires the bunnies. It’s a little tricky to get used to the controls at first, and they could use a few tweaks to make the game a little less frustrating.

There’s more to the gameplay other than catching and sorting the bunnies. When the little rabbits of opposite colors collide into each other, they multiply on the screen and create even more bunnies. Gamers will need to strategically collide bunnies to fill their baskets, especially as the levels get more difficult.

Overall, Bunny Cannon is a clever and cute arcade game. It has an original story line, and it’s hard to stop playing even when things often don’t make a whole lot of sense. For less than one dollar, players won’t be disappointed with this title. Even more levels and updates are promised for the near future, which means the developers will work hard to make this game even better.

Version Reviewed 1.0

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