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Call of Mini: Zombies


Developed by: Triniti Interactive Limited

App Store Rating: : 4.5

Price: Free


:-D : The game is packed with expansive maps, unique weapons and special avatars to keep players occupied for hours.

:-( : The solo game is repetitive. New weapons and upgrades need added to the game to keep it interesting.

8-O : Call of Mini: Zombies now has a co-op multiplayer option. Up to three friends can play together at the same time.

Call of Mini: Zombies (universal) is a twin-stick shooter game developed by Triniti Interactive Limited. The game features 8 expansive maps, 16 powerful weapons, 12 customizable avatars and over 15 different types of zombie enemy breeds.

A virus has taken over a small town, and the people have started to lose their appetite for food and started craving one for brains. There are a few people left who are armed with rocket launchers, chainsaws and machine guns. They are just trying to survive another day without succumbing to the virus.

Instead of having a top-down view, the camera in Call of Mini: Zombies resides on the ground to provide players with a unique over the shoulder view that gives the game a modern third-person shooter appeal. The third person perspective isn’t always ideal for shooting and moving, but it does add to the challenging game play.

The entire game is broken into days. During each day, players select from sections on the map to clear all the zombies. Surviving each day means players must fight off waves and waves of zombies without dying. When players die, they are set back at the start of the current day—which means gamers must try again with a different strategy.

As gamers kill zombies, they collect power-ups, money and ammo along the way. Money allows players to upgrade and buy armor, weapons and new characters that have different special abilities.

The three dimensional environment looks great on retina displays. The art style is cute, but also has a gory appeal. The game has full iPad display support so it looks great on any device gamers choose to use.

The newest update adds a multiplayer co-op for gamers to play with their friends. This option allows up to three friends to play together and adds over 50 multiplayer achievements and awards to the game. This gives players the chance to rank higher on Game Center leaderboards as they survive waves and waves of zombies to see how long they will last.

Playing the game solo may become repetitive after awhile since later weapons are earned by progress in the game before players can purchase them with cash. While players can have up to three weapons at one time, there’s not a lot of incentive to get a new weapon until players max out the one that they currently use. The addition of more weapon mods and weapon upgrades would greatly enhance the game play.

Call of Mini: Zombies is an epic twin-stick shooter game that is highly addictive. The developers listen to gamers and have frequently updated the game to meet demands. If you’re a fan of zombies and apocalyptic mayhem, then Call of Mini: Zombies is the perfect game for you. Check out Call of Mini: Zombies Free here if you would like to preview the game before you purchase it.

Version Reviewed 2.0

What's new in Version 4.3.7

• Fix the bug that game will be crashed after choosing the characters of Call of Mini™ Zombies 2

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