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Developed by: Mango Down!

App Store Rating: :

Price: $0.99


:-D : Catch 22 is a relaxing and frustrating one-button arcade game that’s a lot of fun to pick-up-and-play.

:-( : Could use more game modes. No tutorial to help players get started.

8-O : Skilled players can perform a trick to reset the trails around the orange planet.


No, it’s not an action game based off the satirical novel by Joseph Heller. Catch-22 is simple one-button game that puts players against themselves. It’s one of those games tha’st so frustrating, but you can’t help but to play it just one more time. It has all the right elements to keep gamers hooked for hours.

When a game is started, there is one green ball and one blue ball that orbit around an orange planet but in opposite directions. Gamers control one ball at a time and the objective is to collect coins. When the right number of coins is collected, players then switch to the other ball.

As players jump in the air with one ball and try to avoid the other, there are glowing trails left behind around the orange planet. So when the control switches, the ball that players no longer control follows the last orbit around the planet and it will jump when the trail arches in the sky—making the game even more challenging.

The amount of coins that gamers need to collect in order for a swap to occur goes up once every stage. It’s as challenging as you make it because each jump essentially means more obstacles to avoid the next go-around.

There is one way to make things a little easier, and that is crashing a ball into the other when the changeover happens. It’s hard to plan, but doing so clears all the tracks on the screen. It’s worth practicing so players can manage to complete more rounds.

The spacey music adds a zen-like appeal to the game. It’s soft and whimsical and the subtle sound effects really set the mood for this dreamy game. Along with stunning visuals and entrancing music, there’s also Game Center achievements and leaderboards.

I loved the simplistic style of Catch-22, combined with the challenging game play. It could stand to use more modes and perhaps even a way to play against friends directly, but I’m sure there’s plenty to look forward to in future updates. For now, it’s the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon or procrastinate before a big exam. For less than one dollar, you can’t go wrong purchasing this one.

We have two copies to give away to our lucky readers. Enter the Rafflecopter contest below for your chance to win. The winner will be contacted by original entry method 48 hours after the giveaway ends on Monday October 22, 2012. To enter via Twitter you must follow us or your entry is void. The winning entries will be provided via a PromoCode which we will receive from the developer. Codes may be region specific. Anyone can enter regardless of location, but Gift Copies will need a US account to redeem. We will only use your email address to contact you if you win.

Version Reviewed 1.01

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