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Cow Vs. Fly

Cow Vs. Fly: Help Agent Cow Destroy the Mutant Flies in this Addicting iPhone Game

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (9 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5)



:-D : Cow Vs. Fly features 63 levels, special weapons and a variety of enemies.

:-( : The game play is repetitive. There isn’t a clear tutorial to help gamers get acquainted with the game.

8-O : There are over 15 Game Center achievements as well as Game Center leaderboard integration.

Cow Vs. Fly (iPhone/iPod touch) is an addicting game developed for kids, but adults who love casual games will also find themselves playing. Developed by LagMac Studio, the goal of the game is to help a cow flying in a helicopter to destroy mutant flies by firing missiles at them. There are five types of mutant flies for gamers to blow up: baby, angry, ninja, furry and monster.

The cow is tired of the mutant flies bothering him and the farmers, so he has set out to destroy them all. Once the furious cow is in his helicopter, gamers must tap on the flies to fire missiles. That’s the only control needed to master the game. Of course, players may want to use both of their thumbs while playing because the levels are more difficult as the game advances.

Cow Vs. Fly is fast-paced so gamers will have to use not only speed but strategy to defeat the flies. With over 63 different levels, five different mutant flies and three special weapons, players won’t grow tired of this game quickly. Cow Vs. Fly also includes Game Center achievements and leaderboards for those who enjoy competing against friends. The game even stores personal best records so gamers can try to beat their own scores.

After completing a level, gamers are awarded one to three stars based on their performance and the next level is unlocked. This is where the game can get repetitive. The levels aren’t categorized into specific worlds like most games with a similar game play style, which means the background and game play never really seems to change a whole lot.

Despite the repetitive game play, the graphics are clever and pretty amusing. I loved the design of the game and particularly enjoyed the barnyard music in the background. It is clear that the developer spent time to make this humorous game appeal to players of all ages. It has a style all of its own, which is a key selling feature.

The only issues had with the game is that it doesn’t have a clear tutorial to help players get started, and the story line is only available in the app description. A fun cartoon intro to the game would help players get acquainted with the story line, while a quick tutorial guide could  help explain the mechanics.

In addition to these minor issues, adding more power-ups such as helicopter upgrades and perhaps maybe even incorporating a way to purchase them within the game would increase the replay value and help users get past difficult levels.

Cow Vs. Fly is an amusing game with a lot of potential. The simple controls and challenging game play make it addictive and appealing to players of all ages. For less than one dollar, casual gamers won’t want to pass this one up in the App Store.

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One Response to “Cow Vs. Fly”

  1. Nowhereman says:

    Cool graphics!

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