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Dark Arcana: The Carnival HD


Developed by: G5 Entertainment


Price: Free


:-D : Find a young mother who has gone missing when an enigmatic carnival rolls into town in this exciting hidden object adventure game.

:-( : Replay value could be extended.

8-O : There is a bonus chapter, strategy guide and extras.


Dark Arcana: The Carnival HD (also available for the iPhone) is a hidden object puzzler that takes gamers on a thrilling carnival adventure. The storyline involves a young mother who is missing, and now players must help find her before it’s too late.

There are two worlds to explore which include the one gamers live in and an alternate one behind the Hall of Mirrors. Gamers will discover secrets and uncover the tragic story as they play and find out what happened to the young mother. There are a total of 48 locations to visit which include 18 hidden object scenes and 28 mind-bending mini games.

Dark Arcana: The Carnival features three game modes: casual, advanced and expert so there is an option available for players of all types. Players actually take on the role as detective and explore the spooky carnival. It definitely sent chills up my spine. As gamers check things out, they’ll run into the owner and meet carnival workers as well. The main objective is to discover the secret of an ancient being only referred to as the Evil One.

Each location is quite detailed. The graphics are well-designed and the background music helps set the creepy tone for the game. In addition, the game plays well. I enjoyed the mixture of mini-games tossed in with the hidden object scenes. There’s plenty to keep gamers occupied, and I didn’t find myself getting bored—which usually happens with this genre.

The only small issue that I noted is it doesn’t seem to have a lot of replay value. That’s usually the case for most hidden objects games. Unless gamers want to try a tougher difficulty or earn all 21 achievements, there’s no reason to really go back and play through it again. However, the game seems lengthy enough to justify the $4.99 full game unlock price tag and there are some surprise extras throw in.

Dark Arcana: The Carnival follows usual game mechanics of other hidden object puzzlers. It could use something to make it stand out more, but the storyline seems to make up for what it lacks. I enjoyed playing through and feel like it’s worthy of adding to the gaming library. Check it out for free, and pay for the unlock if you find yourself wanting more.

Version Reviewed 1.0

One Response to “Dark Arcana: The Carnival HD”

  1. I need to to thank you for this good read!! I absolutely enjoyed every little
    bit of it. I have you book-marked to check out new things you post…

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