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Drawdle: Doodle Your Way to Three Stars in This Addicting Physics Puzzler for iOS

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (6 votes, average: 3.83 out of 5)



:-D : Drawdle is a drawing-based game that challenges the mind and stimulates creativity.

:-( : No Game Center or OpenFeint achievements. Doesn’t contain any social network integration.

8-O : Performing well uncovers hidden levels.

Drawdle (universal) is a drawing game developed by One Side Software. The free version contains a handful of problem-solving levels for users to complete, and a $0.99 IAP provides players with an additional 45 levels.

The goal of the game is to draw a shape in the box. Once a shape is drawn, players must swipe the drawing across the screen to knock a balloon filled with paint. After a level is completed, users can view their progress on the map screen. Finished drawings are shown with the amount of stars earned while levels that haven’t been completed are represented by a large question mark. Players should aim to fill as much of the drawing as possible to earn all three stars in a level.

What makes Drawdle challenging is that gamers must plan their shape design carefully. Sharp shapes can cut through rubber bands but they can also pierce balloons. Shapes must also be drawn strategically to avoid sharp spikes and other obstacles. Proper timing, rotation and even velocity all factor into each level.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started playing Drawdle. I thought it was just going to be another drawing game, but I couldn’t put my iPad down once I started playing. The physics and creativity involved in this game make it stand out from other games in the App Store. The controls are simple to understand, but the challenging game play gives it that extra edge that keeps gamers doodling on their iOS device.

The game’s design is what really sold me. The drawings look like they were created by hand with just a pencil and paper. I really enjoyed the surprise element of not knowing what drawing was going to be next– greatly enhancing the replay value.

My only complaints is that it doesn’t have any Game Center or OpenFeint integration or any social network features. These two issues can turn some gamers away from an otherwise ingenious game.

In conclusion, Drawdle is a great way to pass the time away. There just aren’t any games like it, which makes the physics puzzler a true gem. Download it for free today to check the game out for yourself, and commit to purchasing the IAP if you are ready to play the more challenging levels. For such a low price, I feel like it is a great deal to get well over 50 challenging levels in total.

One Response to “Drawdle”

  1. Billy says:

    Thanks guys! I think this is a pretty fair review and I appreciate you all taking the time to check it out.

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