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Eye Paint Animals


Developed by: Curious Hat


Price: Free


:-D : A creative coloring app that lets children capture colors, patterns and textures with an iPhone or iPad camera.

:-( : Needs more coloring pages.

8-O : Children can save their creations to the Camera Roll with just a tap on the star.


Eye Paint Animals (universal) is an interesting coloring app designed for children. Instead selecting a color on a palette, children capture colors with their camera. It’s a pretty innovative concept that takes coloring on an iOS device to the next level.

When the app is first opened, children can scroll through a variety of pictures to color. When it’s time to make it their own, they tap on any area of the drawing to reveal the live camera image. They then are encouraged to explore the indoors and outdoors to find the perfect color, texture or pattern.

Once the right color is found, tap on the camera image to capture and save it. What’s neat is that children can also erase the background and capture their own. There’s also a brush option to limit the camera to a specific area, which means there are endless possibilities when it comes to coloring the black and white pictures.

After an image is created, children can save it to the Camera Roll by tapping on the star button. Parents can then view their child’s creations in their Camera Roll at any time.

It took me a few minutes to learn how to use the app, but the interface is pretty intuitive since there aren’t a lot of buttons. The only downfall is that there are a limited number of pictures to color. I’d like to see different themes for children to select in a future update. For now, Eye Paint Animals will definitely keep the little ones occupied for hours since they can create many different versions of the drawings that are available. If you’d like to try it out first, check out Eye Paint Halloween for free.

Version Reviewed 1.0

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