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Food52 Hotline


Developed by: Food52

App Store Rating: : 4

iconPrice: Free


:-D : Food52 provides quick answers to important kitchen questions.

:-( : Anyone can answer a question, and some questions may go unanswered.

8-O : Food52 Hotline allows users to build a reputation in the form of pie slices.


Food52 Hotline, developed by Food52, (iPod touch and iPhone only) is a live forum-based app that has a question and answer format. Food52 allows cooks to upload pictures, mark questions as urgent or answer questions asked by other cooks.

When something unexpected happens in the kitchen, you may not have time to research the internet for an answer. Instead of clicking through pages of information, ask specific questions on the Food52 Hotline iPhone app. Food52 allows you to get an answer within seconds. Sometimes Food52’s chefs, writers and editors answer questions, which makes the app trustworthy.

After Food52 opens, simply touch the “Ask a Question!” button on the top of the screen. When asking a question, add a description to help other users answer your question appropriately. A description gives users more details about questions so that they do not give generic answers.

Once a question is asked, tap on the “My Questions” button on the bottom of the screen to see if anyone has answered. The app tells you how many views the question has received as well as the number of answers. When a user needs help quickly, the question must be marked as urgent. Marking a question as urgent may result in an answer within seconds!

The great aspect of Food52 is that it allows the user to build a reputation. Each cook is assigned a piece of pie on a plate. More pie fills the plate as users ask and answer questions. A full pie indicates a high reputation, which means that users are more likely to read and listen to the advice.

While the question and answer format is quick, anyone can answer a question. Someone may not offer the proper advice, or the user may need to weed through hundreds of answers if the question is popular. However, the app offers an “I Agree!” button that lets the user see how many other cooks agree with an answer. This feature helps users find a trustworthy answer quickly.

I posted two questions to the app last night. My questions received views within seconds and answers within one to two minutes. Food52 Hotline was impressive, and I plan to use the app during the stressful holiday season. Download this app to use it when you have an emergency, or read through the questions and answers to get inspiration.

Version Reviewed 1.0

What's new in Version 1.1

push notifications for answers to questions
photo upload
social integration improvements/bug fixes
better notification messages/alerts
links in questions and answers are now clickable
various bug fixes

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