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Developed by: Andreas von Lepel


Price: Free


:-D : A charming yet gloomy physics-based puzzler that’s easy to play but hard to master.

:-( : Could use more level packs to download. Pop-up hint notices aren’t attractive.

8-O : On top of the 25 free levels, Freeze! also comes with 10 free bonus levels.


Freeze! (universal) is a physics-based puzzler that’s odd but in a good way. Gamers help an anonymous hero who is locked away in a cramped cell on another planet. Instead of giving up, gamers must work hard to help him escape by overcoming gravity.

There are 25 level to make it through with 10 free bonus levels for gamers to complete in the free version. Those who wish to buy more levels can purchase them for an additional $0.99. In each level, gamers help the hero escape the prison worlds by taking on deadly traps, scary enemies and dangerous traps.

Playing Freeze! is easy. Simply use your finger to turn the cell in both directions around the main character. There’s a freeze button which must be used strategically to overcome the gravity. The game is simple at first, but it gets harder as gamers progress.

Those who enjoy competing will appreciate the Facebook, Twitter and Game Center integration. In addition, there is also a fair amount of replay value since players can go back and try to beat their previous time records.

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect about Freeze! is its charming gloomy appeal. The graphics are in black and white and give the game an eerie but enjoyable vibe. The soundtrack by Swiss trance master Karl Lukas pairs well with the dark graphics.

While Freeze! could use more level packs to keep gamers coming back (maybe more will be added in the future?), it’s still a rather enjoyable game. It’s great that players get to try 25 levels for free, which is more than most games offer. With that being said, downloading Freeze! is definitely a no-brainer. Check it out and let us know what you think. Update: the game now costs $0.99. Kind of a bummer that gamers can’t try it out first.

Version Reviewed 1.1

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