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Fuel Monitor


Developed by: Adir Genish



Price: Free


:-D : Fuel Monitor uses GPS to calculate the exact amount rather than guess the distance. It shows real-time duration, distance, speed, gas used average consumption and cost and also comes with a handful of other useful features.

:-( : Lacks navigation features.

8-O : There’s a function for parking and finding your way back to your vehicle.


Fuel Monitor (iPhone/iPod touch) helps users save money on gas. It’s the only app that uses GPS to calculate the exact amount instead of guessing the distance. Fuel monitor is able to identify your location and give accurate information based on consumption data provided by manufacturers. It then goes a step further by incorporating driving styles, acceleration, traffic jams, braking and much more. Through all this, the app is able to provide accurate information to tell users exactly how much their trip costs.

In order to get started, select a currency and unit. The app then requests users to select the year, make, model and engine of the car to provide the city and highway MPG (miles per gallon). Now it’s time to update the price per gallon. Users may want to research the average online if they plan to travel across many states.

After quickly setting up the app, it’s time to get moving. Tap on the Start button and the app then begins to calculate the price, duration, distance and it even displays the speed. Everything is shown in real-time which is great. The app works in the background so don’t worry about keeping it up on the screen. There are a few extras worth exploring like a map to keep track of your trip and a journeys section to save trips to share with friends.

One of the neatest features is the efficiency meter. Users can see exactly how much fuel they are burning per mile and they can try to stay in the green light zone to reduce their usage. The green light disappears when driving at higher speeds and turns orange and red when the accelerator is used a lot. It also is able to tell when cars are stationary in traffic or when the brakes are used frequently.

Once I tested Fuel Monitor, I fell in love with its concept. While there are other free alternatives, this one takes the cake in terms of the functions that it provides. The only feature that I wished it had was a way to integrate Apple maps in order to put a starting and ending destination to navigate between locations. The map shows the current location and where users have traveled, but I didn’t see any navigation features.

With over 60,00 vehicles to choose and a myriad of useful features, Fuel Monitor is one app that I highly recommend for all car owners. With this app, there’s no more guessing. Split fuel costs, budget for a trip and keep track of miles traveled for tax purposes all with just a few taps on the screen.

Version Reviewed 1.0.0

One Response to “Fuel Monitor”

  1. Jhonny2332 says:

    I downloaded it yesterday! Works great ..Thanks!
    I really like that you can also estimate a trip in advance to see approximately how much it will cost you..
    Very cool app :)

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