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Fuzzy Cubes

Fuzzy Cubes Makes Its Way to iOS in 3D

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (17 votes, average: 4.53 out of 5)




:-D : Fuzzy Cubes contains over 40 levels of challenging puzzles that feature stunning 3D graphics.

:-( : There is no multiplayer option.

8-O : The game includes an entertaining story line that adds to the entertainment value.

Fuzzy Cubes (iPhone/iPod touch only) is a puzzle game developed by Workhouse Bytes. The game features over 40 levels across 6 different story episodes. The devs have announced that an HD version will find its way to the App Store soon!

Fuzzy Cubes combines the popular block-style puzzle format into a fun story line to keep gamers interested. The main goal behind Fuzzy Cubes is to match shapes and colors together—similar to Tetris but on a three dimensional plane.

As players follow the adventures of the Fuzzies, they are introduced to challenging puzzles along the way. All sides of a cube must be cleared by matching the Fuzzies to the appropriate color side of the 3D block. Players must diffuse bombs along the way to help save the world.

What makes Fuzzy Cubes so appealing to gamers is the mind-bending game play. Players must focus on what is happening on all six sides of the cube in order to match the colors and shapes appropriately. All sides of the cube must be cleared before advancing to the next level. This game reminded me a lot of a rubik’s cube, but with a neat twist.

The controls make playing the game a breeze, but they might seem confusing at first. The devs included a built in tutorial to help players figure the controls out quickly so they can get their hands dirty playing the game. Players tap a place on the cube to add a block, touch the rotate button to change the position of the shape and swipe the cube to go to the next surface. The small red buttons allow players to shift the blocks to another surface with ease.

The 3D graphics make the game play fun, and the music and sound effects really suit the game and give it a pleasant suspenseful feel. The only complaints I have about the game are: there is no multiplayer option or Game Center incorporation, and there is a long wait time for the game to load.

Game Center is suppose to be available in a future update, but for now it is a slight disappointment. I think the wait time has to do with the game’s file size. I am an impatient person and like to jump into playing a game, but when I first opened it up I had to wait through two loading screens which was kind of a downer.

Overall, Fuzzy Cubes is a solid puzzler that players will fall in love with over and over again. The graphics make the game interactive and entertaining, and the the fast-paced game play keeps the adrenaline flowing. If you are a fan of Tetris, you will definitely want to play Fuzzy Cubes soon. Try the game before you purchase it by downloading Fuzzy Cubes Lite Here.


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