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Gibbets 2


Developed by: HeroCraft Ltd.

App Store Rating: : 4

Price: Free


:-D : An arcade puzzler that’s a sequel to the flash and iPhone smash hit. Aim your bow and arrow to cut the hangman’s rope without causing any more injuries.

:-( : Game can get frustrating.

8-O : Unlock awards and achievements as well as bonus levels.


Gibbets 2 (universal) is an arcade puzzler game that requires players to shoot arrows in order to cut people down who are hanging by a noose. It’s a little gory for the faint of heart, especially if you aren’t a very good shot.

The controls are simple. Pull back one finger on the screen to load an arrow. You’ll see a trajectory arrow that indicates where it will fly. Let go and the arrow goes flying from the bow in the desired location. Be careful with your aim because it’s possible to hit the hanging person and cause him to bleed everywhere. Causing damage to the victim means that his chances of surviving will diminish sooner. There’s health bars to indicate how much time you have left, so act quickly and be accurate.

While the gameplay may sound simple at first, the levels become more difficult. It’s also possible to change the difficulty from the level selection screen. There are trick shots to complete, obstacles that get in the way and victims that need saved with a limited number of arrows.

When a level is complete, gamers earn up to three stars which are based on how fast a level is completed and the amount of unused arrows. You must complete the level to move onto the next, which can mean frustration when the game starts to ramp up in difficulty.

Along with arrows, there’s other elements added to the levels to help keep the game interesting like bubbles that award more arrows and portals that transport the bow. There’s also bonus levels to complete which earn players more points.

There’s a total of 50 levels in Gibbets 2. The controls are accurate, and the fast-paced game play adds a challenging aspect. While the game is addicting and challenging, it can get frustrating often. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself walking away more than once. However, you’ll probably be back to play again later.

Gibbets 2 isn’t revolutionary, but it has elements that keep it from going stale too quickly. All in all, it’s not a bad game to play if you have fun yet twisted sense of humor. There’s plenty of levels to keep players entertained for hours.

Version Reviewed 1.1.2.

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4 Responses to “Gibbets 2”

  1. BigNick says:

    Cool looking game! Reminds me of fragger which I really enjoyed.
    Thank you for the nice review and contest :)

  2. Kingties says:

    You guys are so epic for giving peope free apps.
    Anyhow , this reminds me of the time when I played this on my PC :D

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