How to Make a Video of My App

While screenshots provide potential customers with an overview of your app, videos are a better way to attract downloads. It’s possible to pay someone to create a professional video, but sometimes that just doesn’t always fit into the budget. You definitely don’t want to create a video that looks like crap so it’s essential to take your time and do it right. We’ve provided a few methods that are worth considering when it’s time to capture the true essence of your app.


1) Create a screenshot video. Since it’s only possible to provide a select few screenshots, consider taking multiple screenshots and stitching them together to create a video. Screenshots are taken by pressing the home and sleep button at the same time. When you have a fair amount of screenshots, place them into a video editor like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. Add slide transitions, captions, background music and other extras to make the video stand out.

2) Use a capture card. It’s possible to connect the iOS device with the HDMI connector to the computer and use a PVR or a graphics capture card to record the video output. Devices like the HD PVR record high definition videos. They are marketed for users to record games on the XBOX 360 or PS3, but it’s also possible to use them to record the output of an app. I’ve used this method for a few app videos of my own. It’s perfect for creating professional videos, but you’ll have to invest a little bit of money. Be sure to read the device specifications to ensure that your computer is powerful enough.

3) Use a video camera. If you have an HDMI adapter or an Apple TV, it’s possible to set up a video camera on a tripod and record the app as you interact with it. You’ll have to be careful of background noises and you also may have to adjust the lighting in the room. The iPhone’s camera works well for this if you are able to use one.

4) Record while you play. Although it’s not the most professional way to create a video, sometimes recording the app as you play or interact with it is the most convenient way to create a video. Either set the camera up on a tripod or hold it over the device as you record. I find it’s best to use commentary in these types of videos so that you can explain the app to users.

5) Use AirPlay. This is one of the best options for MAC users as the Reflection app allows users to wirelessly mirror their iPhone or iPad screen onto the Mac desktop. Users can then use screencasting software like ScreenFlow or Jing to capture the video to the computer. It’s pretty simple and easy to use.

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