How to Write a Press Release to Promote Your App

Press Releases are essential to help spread the word about new and upcoming apps. They are public announcements that are sent to news media, app review websites and blogs in order to let everyone know what the app is all about. Press releases must contain essential information that grabs the attention of traditional and non-traditional media. It’s possible to write your own press release instead of hiring someone else to do it as long as you stick to a few key points.


1) Decide when to send your press release. It’s best to send the press release out before the app releases, but you can also send it out on the release date. If you do send it early, be sure to mention this in the press release by saying “under embargo” or “releasing soon” so that readers know that it isn’t available yet.

2) Insert the press release into the email body. I’ve received many press releases that are attached to app review emails, but this can make it confusing to find them later. It’s more convenient if you insert the press release into the email and send it as an attachment so that reviewers and media can give it a glance and save it if they desire.

3) Place all the important information at the top. They say not to judge a book by its cover, but most people will only give your email a 10 to 15 second glance to decide if they are interested. Place the app icon, name, price and developer information at the top of the press release along with any logos. Grab their attention with a one line subject like “the best platform game ever,” “an award-winning app,” or “you’ve never seen this before.” It needs to be captivating enough so that they continue reading.

4) Summarize what the app does in one to three sentences. Be blunt and state what the app or game does. Tell them what makes it stand out and why it’s so awesome. State the basics of the app before going into detail.

5) Add an introduction paragraph. After quickly summarizing the app, tell the reader more about it. Include a release date and location. Then tell who the target market is, and a couple sentences that further clarify what the app is exactly about.

6) Add screenshots. Screenshots are best sent as part of the app press kit, but add one or two shots within the email if possible. This will probably be the first time that the media will read about your app, so include only the best screenshot that really showcases your app.

7) Write a detailed description. Tell readers all about your app or game. Explain how they can use it, include exact details of what it does and don’t forget to list all the features. This should really be what is put into the iTune’s description, but you should expand on it so it doesn’t look like it was copied and pasted into the email.

8) Add the final details. The end of the app should have any details that you may have left out like the App Store website link, promocodes, the app’s webpage, a demo video and the availability date. Don’t forge to mention all the versions of the app that are available.

9) Include developer information. At the very end you’ll want to add in a few lines about the company or yourself. Tell them your name, how the company started, where it’s located and leave any media contact information like phone numbers and addresses. Let the reader know that they can contact you for more information. Place three of these centered at the end: ###. This lets readers know that the press release is over.

10) Keep it brief. Go over the press release to ensure that it isn’t really long. You want to be as detailed as possible but it should also be short so that readers don’t lose interest. Seeing a really long press release can be overwhelming for someone going through hundreds of emails a day. It should be no less than 200 words but no more than 1,000.


This is just a basic structure for how a press release should look. It can include more or less information depending on how much you wish to include. Some people think that press releases are dead, but I feel like they are essential for marketing apps to the media. However, they don’t have to be boring. Liven them up with graphics, pictures, videos and humor—just be sure to get your message across clearly. Have any tips of your own? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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