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iLearn Solar System

iLearn Solar System: Making Science Fun On iOS

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (5 votes, average: 4.80 out of 5)




:-D : iLearn Solar System features two educational modes: Exploration and Quiz.

:-( : The app is not universal, and the quiz does not contain captions like the exploration mode features.

8-O : Children earn space stickers by answering questions correctly in the quiz mode.

iLearn Solar System: Making Science Fun (also available on iPad here) is an exciting educational app developed by Sprite Labs for children in grades 4 through 6. The app features Astronaut Ashley, who takes children on a 3D journey through space to learn about the solar system and our galaxy.

A quick tutorial introduces children to iLearn Solar System. The app is completely interactive and allows children to explore the solar system by rotating, zooming and tapping on objects to learn interesting space facts. For instance, touching a spinning planet stops it from rotating, while pinching on an object allows children to zoom in for a closer look.

Children are able to drop pins on planets to learn a wealth of information on topics like the solar system, planets, the sun, the moon, satellites, the Milky Way, revolution and rotation. iLearn Solar System is completely narrative, and the exploration mode features scrolling words so children can read along with Astronaut Ashley.

When children are finished exploring, they can take a quiz to see what they have learned. The quiz lets children earn space stickers that they can arrange in their own virtual sticker book.

The graphics look stunning on the iPad and really take advantage of the retina display. It was a lot of fun touching and rotating objects to look at all the vantage points. The app would benefit greatly from being universal, so children can alternate between devices. Currently, parents and teachers must either decide to purchase the iPhone/iPod touch or HD iPad version.

The quiz contains a multitude of questions that allow children to test their scientific knowledge. The quiz showcases different pictures after each question, so children must be familiar with the size, shape and color of all the planets. The only disappointing aspect about the quiz is that there are no captions for children to read if they wish to test their knowledge with the device turned to silent.

iLearn Solar System is a well-designed app that is simple and easy to understand. Parents and teachers will love the graphics and  wealth of information packed in this app. Check out iLearn Solar System today to experience the stunning visuals and incredible user interface with your little astronaut.

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