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Jump Out!


Developed by: Avallon Alliance Ltd.

Rating: : 4.5

Price: $0.99


:-D : Jump Out! is a physics-based puzzler that includes 140 fun and addicting levels.

:-( : May seem too easy for more serious gamers. There’s no universal version.

8-O : There are a wide variety of characters to unlock.


Jump Out! (also available for the iPad here) isn’t a new game but a recent update makes it feel like one. In the latest version the developers have added 30 new levels and a new “Pinball” episode, a new character, a new achievement and the option for gamers to listen to music while they play.

This physics-based puzzler is similar to Angry Birds but it brings something new to the table as well. The goal is to leap bugs of different types across each level to earn all three stars. Players must tap and drag the bugs to fling them across the screen. Gamers are able to see the trajectory of the bugs so they can bounce, stick and fling them in the direction of the stars and successfully down the black hole exit.

The graphics, animations and sounds in this game are well-polished and adorable. It’s a lot of fun to fling the giant-eyed insects across the screen just to hear them yell in excitement. The huge variety of characters along with the increasingly challenging levels helps keep the game interesting.

While the levels are somewhat challenging, Jump Out! may not be suitable for more serious gamers as they may find it a bit too easy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a challenging game complete with achievements. However, I feel like it’s best suited for casual gamers and children than those who are looking for something to keep on the home screen for a long time.

Overall, Jump Out! is a clever and fun game. I’d prefer to see a universal version, but I loved how well it looked and played on both the iPhone and iPad versions. (P.S. For all iPad owners: there are 90 unique levels with new items and seignior Woodlouse waiting for you in Jump Out! HD!) The recent update adds more replay value to the game, making it well worth its low purchase price. If you’re eager for a new casual physics-puzzler to play and haven’t checked it out yet, then I recommend giving Jump Out! a try today. Let us know what you think about the game in the comments below.

Version Reviewed 1.8.5

What's new in Version 1.9.6

- Fixed a bug with screen orientation changing on older devices;
- New sounds added;


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