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Lazy Raiders


Developed by: Namco Networks America Inc. Games


Price: $2.99


:-D : There are 60 fun mazes to spin and flip through in this challenging archeological puzzler.

:-( : Repetitive at times. Controls need calibrated more.

8-O : The game uses tilt controls to allow gamers to manipulate the background instead of the main character.


Lazy Raiders (universal) is about an accomplished archeologist who is just plain lazy. Dr. Diggabone finds himself flying back home to see his family, only to have his plane struck by lightening. He is sent down and finds himself inside undiscovered ancient ruins. The goal is to find a way home or Dr. Diggabone won’t ever see his family again.

Instead of controlling the main character, gamers control the background by tilting and flipping the screen. This causes the Doc to slide around and pick up gems and idols, which unlocks other treasure rooms. The main objective is to collect all the artifacts in one set of levels so players can move on to the next.

Players earn the best score possible by collecting gems and artifacts, but it’s also essential to reach the goal within the specified amount of time. As the game progresses, there are more obstacles in the way like spikes, boulders and fire pits to avoid.

The controls help make this game unique, but they also bring forth issues. They don’t appear to be calibrated perfectly, which means Dr. Diggabone doesn’t always move to the desired location. There are different control schemes to try, but they seem to all have their own faults. With a little bit of polishing, the controls are sure to get better.

Unfortunately, the main issue is that it gets repetitive after awhile. Gamers will eventually get bored with the same routine of hunting for artifacts. While the receptiveness isn’t exactly a deal breaker, it’s worth mentioning.

Despite a couple minor flaws, Lazy Raiders is still quite entertaining. The tilt controls help keep the game interesting, and there are plenty of levels to play through. If you’re in the mood for an above average puzzler, this one may in fact flip your world upside down.

Version Reviewed 1.0.0

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