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Developed by: LightArrow Inc.



Price: $7.99


:-D : LifeTopix features 12 apps rolled into one, and they are all linked together so users can stay organized and manage projects and tasks easily.

:-( : Can be a little hard to navigate and adapt to using at first since there is so much packed into it.

8-O : Buy the app and download the free LifeTopix AirAccess app to connect wirelessly with your Mac to LifeTopix running on any iOS device.


LifeTopix (universal) combines many productivity apps into one location. Instead of searching through your phone for every app, this one has everything users need. The app ranges from to-do lists and shopping to checklists and fitness.

The main screen organizes all the essential 12 categories into one location. Each of these LifeTopix categories features projects that have tasks. The real power with this app is that it is all cross-referenced within the app so everything is integrated together.

When it’s first opened, users may feel a little overwhelmed with everything that the app has to offer since it also includes third-party integration like Google Tasks and Dropbox. However, it is easy to navigate through the well-designed interface.

The 12 sections include the following: Shopping, Events, Travel +Places, Task and Projects, People + Services, Finances, Health +Activity, Home +Assets, Media, Bookmarks, Education and Notes +Files. These categories cover pretty much everything from home and school to the office.

What’s great about LifeTopix is that it’s more than just another To Do list app. It is a virtual swiss army knife for the iPhone. It has it all the tools users need, and everything works well together. It’s a powerful app that’s hard to pass up on purchasing, especially since everything is linked together. For instance, when an event is created, users can then create lists or reminders that are linked back to this event. With the opportunity to create multiple events or projects, it’s impossible to not stay organized. Use it for everything from storing bills and addresses to photos and prescriptions.

With all these great features, there’s not much to complain about. Perhaps LifeTopix’s greatest downfall is that it may have too much going on at once. There are so many apps packed into it that it can be a little hard to navigate and figure things out, but it’s a small price to pay for an otherwise flawless app. If you’re looking for a way to stay more organized, this virtual assistant fits into your pocket—but don’t expect it to bring you coffee (although I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.) For less than one dollar, it seems too good to be true. Grab it today and add it to your home screen. You won’t be disappointed.

Version Reviewed 5.1.1

19 Responses to “LifeTopix”

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  16. mjah says:

    great one! saw it on appzeen lately (in case somebody might be interested – http://appzeen.org/ also great reviews)

  17. Russell Zahn says:

    The app includes extensive help and support options that can be accessed within the app in various places, and because it’s so big and lends itself well to a wide variety of planning and organizing needs, you’ll likely need to use that help to customize the app to suit your needs. Pls have a look at this app : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/audi-wallpapers/id677592705?mt=8

  18. Jeff Jones says:

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