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Love Match Test


Developed by: Very Ape

App Store Rating: : 5

Price: Free


:-D : Love Match Test is a fun entertainment app that scans fingerprints to find true love.

:-( : The app lacks in the music and sound effects department. The graphics and results screen could use an update.

8-O : Users can post results to Facebook.

Love Match Test  (iPhone/iPod touch) is a compatibility test for users to find their true companion. Developed by Very Ape, the app looks like it uses sophisticated technology, but it is purely for entertainment.

I must admit that I don’t really enjoy entertainment apps of this kind, but they are a lot of fun when you’re looking for an app to showcase to friends and family members (especially the little ones who will think it really is magic!). I thought I’d give this one a try and see how well it worked.

The interface is well-polished and simple. After touching the Start button on the main screen, each person places their thumb on the iOS device. Love Match Test calculates the data, and then lets users know if they found their true love or if they should stay clear of each other.

Once the results of the test are displayed, users can then share them via Facebook if they desire. The link posts to the Facebook wall and points back to the App Store so friends and family members can check it out for themselves.

There are a few improvements that could enhance the app’s interface. For instance, the app lacks music or sound effects. Hearing a calculation sound effect or maybe even a love serenade when a good result pops up on the screen could make it more worth its purchase price. Love Match Test would also benefit from an updated results screen. The incorporation of humorous graphics or maybe even more funny results could make it more entertaining for users.

Love Match Test is exactly what the iTune’s description states: It’s just for fun! If users are really hoping for an app that will help them find their true love by scanning their fingerprint, they won’t find a single one in the app store. Check out Love Match Test today to impress your friends. Who knows, maybe you really will find your true love?

Version Reviewed 1.0.1

What's new in Version

4 Responses to “Love Match Test”

  1. mike says:

    This app is basic but it’s fun!! A real ice-breaker on a night out…

    • Marty says:

      Thanks again for reviewing the app. Great to hear that there’s some inersett in it out there! I’m working on an update that will be released next week with 3.0 that will fix most of the issues people might be seeing.All the best!Eric

  2. Humor News says:

    I am bookmarking this asap! Thank you very much ;)

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