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Masters of Mystery: Blood of Betrayal HD


Developed by: Big Blue Bubble

Published by: G5


Price: $4.99


:-D : Help a detective solve a double homicide in this engaging mystery that’s challenging and well worth playing.

:-( : It doesn’t bring anything revolutionary to the genre.

8-O : There are two different game modes to play.


Masters of Mystery: Blood of Betrayal HD (also available for iPhone) is a hidden object sequel to the original Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion game. Players join detective Carrie Chase as she investigates a double homicide in an exclusive penthouse. Hunt down the clues, find leads and uncover evidence in this thrilling puzzler.

There are 40 locations packed into 3 different chapters and there are 10 mini-games packed into this title. Gamers have two ways to play: relaxed or timed. Obviously, timed mode features a timer. Players must work hard to find all the objects before the timer reaches zero. Relaxed mode allows gamers to play at their own pace.

Regardless of the game mode, the main objective is to find hidden objects in order to work through the storyline. There’s a list of items on the right side of the screen, and they are crossed out as players tap on each one. There are special tools thrown into the mix to help players find hidden objects such as fingerprint dusters and UV lights.

Ultimately, there’s plenty of fun packed into Masters of Mystery: Blood of Betrayal HD. It doesn’t exactly push the boundaries on hidden objects games, but it is quite clever and fun. The gameplay is immersive, the graphics are impressive and the storyline is engaging. What’s not to like?

Version Reviewed 1.0


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