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Developed by: amoo



Price: $2.99


:-D : A new way to manage and organize pictures. It also lets users import and export photos effortlessly.

:-( : May be a little pricey for some users.

8-O : Users can record their voice and add a note for each picture to create a photo diary.


PicStory (iPad) is a photo app that lets users manage their memories effectively. While many users rely on the photos app, it doesn’t provide enough organizational features to give users more control over their photographs.

When PicStory is opened for the first time, tap the add album button to create your first one. Choose photos from the Camera Roll, Dropbox, Picasa and iTunes. Simply tap on all the photos you wish to add and then import them into PicStory. Give the album a name, add tags to find it easily, sort albums by groups, lock albums from prying eyes and more.

What makes PicStory so great is how well-designed the interface looks. It’s not only easy to use, but it’s beautiful to look at. Albums and pictures can be viewed effortlessly, and browsing galleries is actually a lot of fun. Users can access all the pictures on one screen, preview pictures in each album, look at photos with slide show effects and even share pictures through Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox and even export them to iTunes or PC. A few bonus features include the option to record voice and add a note for each picture to create a photo diary as well as the ability to set up themes and backgrounds within the app itself.

I fell in love with all that PicStory does after just five minutes. I thought that it was a bit pricey at first, but it does offer plenty of features to provide users with endless possibilities. Not only is it possible to save memories, but users can also create baby diaries, family albums and even art portfolios. PicStory is easily recommendable to anyone looking to organize all their memories. Try it out first by downloading PicStory Free here.

Version Reviewed 1.7.2

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