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Redrum: Dead Diary HD


Developed by: Anarchy Enterprises

Published by: G5 Entertainment


Price: Free


:-D : Help Rose solve gruesome murders in this spine-chilling hidden objects mystery puzzler.

:-( : Could be more challenging. Not enough achievements.

8-O : Includes Game Center and Retina support.


Redrum: Dead Diary HD (also available for iPhone) is a scary hidden object adventure game that lets players see the world through Rose’s eyes. Rose sees dead people who were killed for no just reason. This lands her into an asylum, where Dr. Sigmund Fraud has set out to prevent her from using her psychic powers to solve the murders. It’s up to gamers to help Rose out by playing through the 42 horrific levels that are spread across seven chapters.

Gamers uncover the story by finding the hidden objects on each level. Sometimes it will be a list of words, other times players will have to find segments of a picture. There are a wide variety of puzzles to play so the gameplay never gets repetitive or boring.

The graphics were quite impressive and look great on Retina displays. The haunting music draws players in and helps set the mood well.

There weren’t any glaring flaws that stood out after I played through all the levels. However, the game didn’t really stand out a whole lot from other hidden objects games. It does have a solid storyline, but it could have been more challenging. It wasn’t overly easy, but then again it wasn’t all that difficult either. It would be neat to incorporate a difficulty level into these style of games. I would also like to see more Game Center achievements added as there are only a total of 9 to complete.

Overall, Redrum: Dead Diary HD is an entertaining hidden objects game. The gameplay is immersive, and it’s impossible to stop playing as the story unfolds. Those who enjoy this genre will want to most certainly give it a look. It’s free to try, but it costs $6.99 to unlock for the iPad and $4.99 for the iPhone.

Version Reviewed 1.0.3

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