Shadows Mind


Developed by: Ricky Ryan


Price: $0.99


:-D : Shadows Mind is a platform game where players must help a lost dog find his way back home.

:-( : No Game Center integration. Replay value is low.

8-O : There is a challenge mode for gamers who crave more difficulty.


Shadows Mind (iPhone/iPod touch) is a 2D side scrolling platform game designed for casual gamers. The main objective of the game is to help the lost dog named Shadow get back safely to his home. This isn’t an easy task as there are objects like boulders and spikes that get in the way.

Shadows Mind comes complete with two modes of play: campaign and challenge. Campaign mode features different stages, and challenge mode is for those who like a little extra difficulty.

There are simple on-screen button controls for gamers to use. The left and right arrow buttons move Shadow, and a jump button helps him get over objects. The controls seem to work well for the gameplay.

All the levels have graphics that basically look like shadows, which is a neat spin on the title. Each level is unique and challenging and it’s a lot of fun playing through to help the poor dog find his way home. After gamers die one time, they’ll rethink their strategy and try it again. This makes the game pretty addicting and hard to stop playing, especially as the levels get more difficult.

Unfortunately, Shadows Mind needs a little polishing to make it a solid title. There’s no Game Center integration, no score and no timers, which means that the replay value is low. While the objective is to make it from the start to the end, it needs more to keep gamers interested. Also, there are a limited number of levels to play. Adding more levels, worlds and even incorporating a detailed storyline could improve the gameplay value.

Overall, Shadows Mind is off to an excellent start. It’s original and creative, and the graphics are quite intriguing. With a few tweaks here and there, this indie title could become a New and Noteworthy app. As it stands now, it’s less than one dollar for those who are adventurous.

Version Reviewed 1.3

2 Responses to “Shadows Mind”

  1. Kelly says:

    Nice review! This game is one game that I believe is worth a dollar spending. Very challenging and fun.,

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