Developed by: GearSprout


Price: $0.99


:-D : SkeeFree is the official version of the classic retro skiing game.

:-( : Could use sound effects. No tilt controls.

8-O : There are GameCenter leaderboards to climb.


SkeeFree (universal) is a retro skiing game based off the original one that was built for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. Millions of players loved the game, and now GearSprout has brought it to iOS devices.

The main objective is to dodge skiers, trees, snowboarders, rocks, abominable snow men and whatever else gets in the way. Players are able to get some air with ramps to earn points. At the end of each game, the scores are submitted to the GameCenter leaderboards where players can compete against their friends and strangers to try and get the highest score in each game mode: Slalom, Tree Slalom and free style.

In tree slalom players have trees and flags to weave around, slalom doesn’t have any trees to worry about and freestyle is all about performing jumping tricks. Playing is simple. Tap the jump button when you need to avoid obstacles, use the speed boost to increase max speed and choose between a joystick and d-pad to maneuver the main character.

This is an excellent throwback game. I had no idea that I use to play it until I downloaded and installed it on my iPad. The memories of playing this on Windows 95 slowly started to fill my mind.

SkeeFree plays rather well. The gameplay is smooth and the controls work fine. There were only a couple quibbles I had when playing. I think tilt controls would be a nice control option to add. It may be a little easier for some to control the skier by tilting the device. Additionally, there is no sound. I’m not sure if the original game had sound or not, but it would be great to add some sound effects just to spice things up.

Overall, SkeeFree is easily recommendable. The developers did an excellent job bringing the original game to iOS screens. Whether you’re an avid skier, casual gamer, or retro enthusiast SkeeFree is definitely worthy of adding to the home screen.

Version Reviewed 1.0

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