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Status Quotes


Developed by: Very Ape

App Store Rating: :

Price: $0.99


:-D : Status Quotes is the perfect app for users looking to share quotes, saying and lyrics with their friends and followers.

:-( : There is no search feature. The quotes categories are limited.

8-O : Not only can users share quotes via Facebook and Twitter, but they can also send them to friends via SMS and Email.

Status Quotes (iPhone/iPod touch) is an app that allows users to share quotes, saying and lyrics with friends via Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Email. With the touch of a button, quotes are shared with ease getting users more likes and retweets.

Users often turn to Status Shuffle and search engines to find quotes that suit their moods. Instead of searching endlessly for the perfect saying, use Status Quotes’ wide collection. The app features quotes from popular culture to classics, so there is something for everyone.

From the main screen users can select a random or popular quote or select one from the list of themes. Selected quotes can be given a thumbs up or down. When the perfect quote is found, users can add it to their favorites or share it with their friends.

Status Quotes is easy to use and does exactly what it states in the iTune’s description. However, it could benefit from a few minor adjustments to boost its value. For instance, a search bar would make it easier for users to type in key words to find quotes that suit their needs. Also, the addition of more quote categories and sayings would provide users with many more choices—greatly improving its reuse value.

Overall, Status Quotes is a lot of fun to use. I enjoyed flipping through the quotes and reading them one-by-one. If you’re tired of Status Shuffle or in need of a new way to find quotes and inspirations, this is the perfect app to keep on the home screen. Start sharing these quotes with your friends today.

Version Reviewed 1.0.0

What's new in Version

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