Story Teller.

Story Teller.: Create a Photo Album with Personal Audio Recordings

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:-D : Story Teller is a unique way to create personal audio photo albums to share with the whole family.

:-( : Photos must be imported one at a time. There are no photo customization options.

8-O : Photo albums and pictures can be edited at any time.

Developed by: isitt inc.

Story Teller (universal) is a photo app designed to let users create personal photo albums with audio recordings. Users can create as many albums with as many pictures as they desire. Once an album is complete, they can view it from the main menu and flip through it like a book. The audio recordings play automatically, making it enjoyable for the whole family.

The interface is pretty intuitive so the app doesn’t require a lengthy tutorial. To get started, touch Add located in the bottom right corner. From here, users can create an album name and select an album cover. After an album is created, users can then go through and add pictures one at a time. Once a photo is added,  a personal message may then be added and then the photo can be saved to the album.

Users are able to edit photo albums and pictures at any time. Completed albums are viewed just like a book complete with audio. This opens up a realm of opportunities for users such as the ability to create family reunion albums, the option to make a fully narrated book for a child and even the possibility of saving slide show screen shots to review before a big meeting.

Story Teller is a well-polished app, but there are a few features that it lacks. One feature is the option to add more than one photo at one time. As it stands now, users must select only one photo at a time—which is quite time consuming. Also, it appears that users can’t save the photo unless they record an audio clip. This may be an unreported bug, but I had to record something for each photo before I could add it to the album. The other feature that would greatly benefit this app is the option to crop and customize photographs. Giving users more personalization options like the ability to add captions, adjust the photo visuals or even crop an image would improve the apps’ functionality.

Despite a few setbacks, Story Teller is perfect for those who wish to create photo albums complete with audio recordings. Tell your story with both visuals and voice with this universal app. For less than one dollar, it’s worth purchasing to organize all your photos while telling a unique story at the same time.



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