Top 5 Addicting Platformers for iOS

Platform games are just too much fun to play. There are plenty of levels to explore, enemies to take out and awesome power-ups to collect. There are a variety of platformers available in the App Store so it can get a little overwhelming trying to find one that’s totally awesome. We rounded up five of our current favorites. These are all recent hits that are sure to put a smile on your face. Looking for more games to satisfy your fingers? Check out our Top 5 Back-to-Basics Platform Games for iOS list.


Punch Quest


Developed by: Rocketcat Games

Universal — Free



Punch Quest is an arcade-style fighting game that’s also an endless runner. The goal is to punch everything in sight to earn as many points as possible. It features retro pixelated graphics that take players back to the era of classic games. The quirky music pairs well with the insane graphics and animations. At the start of every game, players start out with a character who runs automatically. Gamers must help him punch everything in sight from monsters to skulls. Read the Full Review Here.


Rayman Jungle Run

Developed by: Ubisoft

Universal — $2.99



Rayman Jungle Run may look like something you’ve played before at first, but it’s definitely not just another endless runner game. Sure, you’ll tap the screen to make him jump as he runs left to right, but the game includes over 40 hand-crafted levels to master instead of randomly-generated excursions. What’s great about all the levels is that they don’t take longer than a minute to beat. This means players can go back and restart a stage without feeling like they have to dedicate hours into the game again. Read the Full Review Here.


He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe

Developed by: Chillingo Ltd.

Universal — $2.99



He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe is sure to bring back memories for many players. Popular publisher Chillingo and notorious toy maker Mattel have teamed up to bring iOS gamers an incredibly fun tap and slash game. The 2D platform game is a retro throwback to the cartoon we all loved. Gamers play as He-Man and take on the evil Skeletor across 27 levels—each one filled with more enemies. The goal is to use the powerful sword to slash the enemies and take them down. Read the Full Review Here.


Wimp: Who Stole My Pants

Developed by: Flexile Studio

Universal — Free



Wimp: Who Stole My Pants is a rather humorous platform game that brings out the immaturity in all of us. In this game, players search for stolen underpants in toxic sewage while collecting toilet paper rolls along the way. There’s a lot to explore in each level, and players won’t be able to resist cracking a smile while playing. Wimp is one of the better platformer games that I have played. There’s 60 levels for gamers to explore and the repay value is high as gamers work toward finding all three toilet paper rolls as quickly as possible and the lucky pair of underwear. Read the Full Review Here.


Square Planet

Developed by: Majaka

Universal — Free



Square Planet is a free side-scrolling platform game that puts players in charge of controlling a ball that has ninja powers. Gamers roll and jump around to rescue their friends in Square World. There’s shiny rings to collect, fun power-ups to use and hidden areas to discover. Square Planet uses tilt controls in order to maneuver the fearless round ball. Gamers must tilt carefully or the ninja warrior will fall off the cliff or into pits of lava. It’s essential to tap on the screen and jump when possible. Read the Full Review Here.


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