Top 5 Challenging Word Games for iOS

Looking for something new to play other than the standard Words With Friends or Scrabble games? There’s plenty of word games available in the App Store, but there are few that stand out from the crowd. Instead of endlessly searching for something new to play, check out our Top 5 Challenging Word Games for iOS list. We rounded up five of our favorite reviews for you to explore and check out. We’re confident that you’ll love at least one of them. Don’t see your favorite? Let us know. Don’t forget to check out our other list: Top 5 Word Games for the iPhone and iPad.




Developed by: atebits

Universal — Free



Letterpress – Word Game is an exciting new word game for iOS. Gamers who are fans of word games will want to add this one to their collection. At the start of every game, players are presented with a 5 x 5 grid of letter tiles. Tapping on any of the tiles allows players to make a word. The best part is that tiles do not have to be next to each other, so feel free to tap away on the letters. All tiles are worth one point. The letters that gamers use will turn to their color, and if one of these tiles is surrounded by more of their own tiles of the same color, then gamers essentially block the other player from using it in one of their words. Read the Full Review Here.



Developed by: 99Games Online Private Limited

Universal — $1.99



WordsWorth is a word puzzle game that most would describe as Scrabble but with a twist. The game has been around the App Store since 2009, and now it’s back and better than ever. The game presents players with a grid of letters. The goal is to spell as many words as possible. Players get points for spelling words using adjacent letters. More points are earned for longer words and words spelled with uncommon letters. Single player mode puts gamers against themselves as they control the word size, grid size and shuffle count. There’s a classic game, timed mode and tumble mode available. Read the Full Review Here.


Word Cracker

Developed by: eoz games

Universal — $1.99



Word Cracker is an interesting word puzzler that is fun for the whole family to play. Players are tasked to put vowels back where they belong in order to make words. After players slide the vowels into place anywhere in the word, they must continue to create as many words as possible before the time runs out. The levels become increasingly more challenging and there are plenty of opportunities to earn bonus points. There are two ways to play: solo and head-to-head. In a solo game, players can elect to either play a classic game or select a theme. Themes range from countries and living things to U.S. Presidents, where as the classic game contains random words. Read the Full Review Here.


Letter Slider

Developed by: Scott Stanchak

iPhone/iPod touch — $0.99



LetterSlider is an original word-finding slider puzzle game. Instead of positioned letters, the game challenges players to form words by sliding the letter tiles into place. The goal is to spell the most words, score as many points as possible and accomplish Game Center achievements in two minutes or less. The rules are simple. When a game starts, players must select tiles in the proper order to spell a valid word. Tile selections may be made horizontal, vertical, diagonal, forwards or backwards. There are double and triple word tiles that help maximize scores. Read the Full Review Here.



Developed by: La Nausée

iPhone/iPod touch — $2.99



Ordet: Everyone’s Favorite, Little Word Game is a word game that puts players’ vocabulary to the test. Gamers are given seven random letters and must try to make as many words as possible. Ordet features over 1,000 levels that can help players expand their vocabulary as they play. The goal is to rack up as many points as possible and to find the longest word to unlock the next level. What’s nice about this game is that players can look up what any word means without leaving the game. Read the Full Review Here.



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    Thanks a ton for featuring WordsWorth among your Top 5 Challenging Word Games for iOS :)

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    Another new WORD game app … RoJo WORD … is both unique and addictive. Fun elements not featured in other word games … you can play Solo or with Friends.

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