Top 5 Creative Games

Creative games are often described as quirky, weird, odd and even strange. These games stand out from others in the App Store because they are original and they aren’t just another clone of a more popular game. Who says strange has to be a bad thing? Check out our list of the Top 5 Creative Games that we pulled from our reviews. This isn’t the last Top 5 Creative Games list, but it is the first of the series. Leave a comment below with your favorite creative game and we may review it for our next list.



by Rittenhouse

iPad – $0.99



Ordinarium is an iPad only action game that is filled with bizarre and quirky creatures. Developed by Rittenhouse, Ordinarium is anything but ordinary. The goal in Ordinarium is to feed on creatures without being caught by predators. It is far better to feed then to be fed upon, according to the game’s iTunes description. There are always predators lurking around and watching, so gamers must be careful to avoid them at all costs. Read the full review here.

Sir Benfro’s Brilliant Balloon


by Explore and Create Limited

Universal – $0.99



Sir Benfro’s Brilliant Balloon (universal) is a unique side-scrolling game developed by Explore and Create Limited. Sir Benfro, the main character, is a well-known scientist, explorer and naturalist during his generation. Throughout the game, players help guide Sir Benfro through insane levels that feature weird, yet imaginative creatures. Sir Benfro floats through each level with the help of his brilliant balloon, which is powered by Light Emitting Daves (fireflies). Read the full review here.

Blocks Hurt!


by Luca Giusti

iPhone/iPod touch – $0.99



Blocks Hurt! is a challenging block matching game that is packed with innovative game mechanics. Developed by Luca Giusti, Blocks Hurt! contains 90 battle levels that feature 4 different kinds of battles, 3 scenarios and 5 boss levels. While Blocks Hurt! is a block matching game, it has a lot more to offer than simply matching and stacking blocks. The game combines tower defense and bizarre enemies to create a truly unique gaming experience. The varying game play and wide range of enemies provides gamers with hours of endless fun. Read the full review here.



by Fluttermind

iPad – $3.99



Incoboto is an iPad only platform and puzzler game with a great story line. Developed by Fluttermind, the game revolves around a lonely boy named Inco, who is the only living human left in the galaxy. One day when Inco is looking through his telescope, he notices that the stars are disappearing and the sky becomes darker. He spots Helios, a hungry sun who needs energy to brighten the skies. Inco forms a unique friendship with Helios, and they set off to explore the universe in search of star pieces to open the sun gates. Read the full review here.



by Bulkypix and Appxplore

Universal – $2.99



Lightopus (universal) is a fun casual game developed by Bulkypix and Appxplore. Gamers help guide Lightopus, a sea creature that resembles an octopus but stings like a jellyfish, through bright abysses in an effort to save the Bulbies. The game can be played in both landscape and portrait modes. Lightopus does not contain a compelling storyline, but the main goal in this fast-paced game is to save the species from extinction. As gamers navigate Lightopus through the murky waters, they must collect stars and Bulbie sacs without touching the monsters or bumpers. Read the full review here.

2 Responses to “Top 5 Creative Games”

  1. Billy says:

    As the developer I’m biased, but I’d describe Drawdle (universal) as creative and original :)

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