Top 5 Free Simulation Games for iOS

Simulation games are perfect for iOS devices because they allow users to check in on their game throughout the day, which means less time sitting at home in front of the computer. These games are too engaging to stop playing, so it’s difficult to pry ourselves away. The App Store has filled with numerous Sim games for players of all types, so it’s difficult to find one that stands out over the others. We searched through our reviews to bring you the Top 5 Free Simulation Games for iOS. Don’t see your favorite? Leave a comment below and tell us about it.


Pocket Planes


Developed by: NimbleBit LLC

Universal — Free



Pocket Planes is a fun social simulation game developed by the same creators of Tiny Tower. In this free game, players are in charge of an airline. Throughout the game they must buy new planes, expand their airline to new cities and transport cargo and passengers to destinations. The game has a lot going for it, and it is sure to stir up as much if not more buzz than Tiny Tower. Read the Full Review Here.


Happy Squirrels

Developed by: Chillingo Ltd.

Universal — Free



Happy Squirrels is a time management sim game that is similar in style to Tiny Tower. In Happy Squirrels, players must create rooms in an oak tree to keep the squirrels happy. The oak tree can continuously be improved and grown by adding new rooms. There are four types of rooms that can be added to the tree: community, service, fun and food. Each room offers a lot of variety. For instance, the community rooms let players add aquariums and saunas while the fun spots offers a wide range of activities like arcades and playgrounds. These rooms can then by upgraded. Read the Full Review Here.


Harvest Lands


Developed by: Little Hero Games, Inc.

Universal — Free



Harvest Lands is a freemium sim game where players discover and collect magical creatures known as Nummies. These creatures need help to harvest the valuable resources across their land. Gameplay is based more on hands-on harvesting rather than sitting around and waiting which is refreshing for this game style. Players must acquire Nummies to help them harvest resources. The harvested resources are used to produce gold and expand the hometown. Gold is used to upgrade a variety of items. Read the Full Review Here.



Developed by: RocketOwl Inc.

iPad Only — Free



GreenSpace is a free-to-play social eco-conscious game where the task is to explore, discover and design a planet in an effort to create a greener world. Earthlings have been trashing up space and it’s all landing on other planets. Players must clean up hundreds of years worth of garbage to build sustainable energy structures to restore the planet. The game comes packed with fun cleaning activities and it’s even possible to connect and play with friends. What’s the best part about using this app? RocketOwl and its partners have vowed to plant a tree in the real world as players complete milestones. Read the Full Review Here.


All My Gods HD Free

Developed by: Realore

iPad Only — Free



Price:All My Gods HD is a sim game by the same creators of the Roads of Rome series. This game was originally created for the PC, but not iOS users can play it on their iPads. The story is based on Saturn’s son Mars. Saturn decides to retire, and wants his son to take his place. Mars must prove that he is capable of being a great God, but his temper doesn’t help him out any. Gamers play as the soon-to-be-god and complete missions to turn a small village into an empire. It has many familiar elements that players of city building and god-sim games enjoy. Read the Full Review for the Paid Version Here.


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  1. pocket planes go to try that one

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