Top 5 iPhone Apps for Parents to Keep Kids Safe

Keeping children safe is the number one priority for parents. Thanks to technology it’s possible to not only know where our children are, but also to keep track of important information like medications, appointments and other vital details. Whether it’s for your iPhone or theirs, there’s an app available to put your mind at ease. We searched through our reviews to bring you the Top 5 Apps for Parents to Keep Kids Safe. Have a favorite of your own? Let us know by leaving a comment below.





Developed by: Kidganizer

iPhone/iPod touch — $1.99



Kidganizer is a lifestyle app aimed to help separated parents organize and schedule their time. With this app, parents are able to manage custodies and the costs for their children. The great thing about Kidganizer is that it helps to eliminate bothersome phone calls, texts and emails. Everything is stored within the app and it integrates into a calendar so parents are always on the same page. Read the Full Review Here.


Guard My Angel

Developed by: Cayo-Tech Communication LTD

iPhone/iPod touch — Free



Guard My Angel is a personal safety app. As a woman myself, these types of apps are comforting as they ease the anxiety when it comes to traveling alone at night. This app is specifically designed to watch over users without compromising their privacy. Once contacts are alerted, the notification goes out to all trusted contacts. They are able to see a Google map that shows them where your mobile device is located. Read the Full Review Here.



Developed by: Thinktank88

Universal — $0.99



iETA is a simple utility app designed for users who wish to keep their friends, family members and colleagues up-to-date on their estimated time of arrival. It utilizes the GPS to provide an accurate time as a text message. The app is perfect for those who need to update people about their ETA quickly, without risking their lives by texting and not paying attention to their environment. It’s a great way to update co-workers on when you will arrive to the meeting as well as ideal for teenagers to keep parents informed on when they’ll be home. Read the Full Review Here.


Lost Kidz

Developed by: E-scape

iPhone/iPod touch — Free



Lost Kidz is a lifestyle app developed for parents who wish to have peace of mind when it comes to worrying about the possibility of losing their children. The app was created when a father lost his 3-year-old daughter in a supermarket. The developer wishes to help parents avoid that helpless feeling if they ever find themselves in such a situation. While his daughter was found 35 minutes later, it was a scary situation. Lost Kidz aims at minimizing the time period for a parent and child to be reunited, which in turn reduces the risk of the child being harmed whether on purpose or accidentally. Read the Full Review Here.


Baby Tracker +

Developed by: Curry Popcorn

iPhone/iPod touch — $0.99



Baby Tracker + is a baby journal app that has every thing you’ll ever need to log and time all your child’s activities. It offers support for multiple children and comes packed with complete tracking capabilities such as logging naps and night sleep, bottles, diapers, medicines and growth charts. Not only doesBaby Tracker + come packed with many different activities, but it also includes advanced features like the option to import or export data, the ability to spot trends, an option to save data and email it, a reminders screen, a daily journal to log memories and so much more. Read the Full Review Here.


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