Top 5 Retro Games

Looking for a fun retro game similar to the Pac-Man era ? The App Store is filled with many retro games, but there are always rotten apples floating around. Instead of wasting your money on a game that might be OK, check out our list of The Top 5 retro games. This is our first list with more great Top 5s to come in the future. Check back often to view our other lists to find new games that suit your tastes, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


Captain Nova


by Caffeinated Pixels

Universal – $0.99


Captain Nova looks like a beta version of Mario for NES. With pixelated graphics, easy controls and a catchy soundtrack, this is a platformer that many gamers will look forward to playing. Captain Nova is the main character in this platformer and he needs your help to collect his ship pieces so the astronaut can return to his home planet. Gamers help Captain Nova travel through 30 levels in an effort to collect pieces, all while avoiding creatures and strange obstacles along the way. Read the Full Review Here.

Super Lemonade Factory


by Shane Brouwer

Universal – $2.99


The game takes place after World War II. Andre’s father gives him a lemonade factory under one condition: Andre and his wife Liselot must tour through the entire factory together. Players must use the main characters’ combined abilities to maneuver through each room to make it out alive. Gamers meet factory employees and enemies along the way such as the food inspector, chef and general – who wants the factory to supply drinks to the military. The couple are separated at the beginning of each level, so gamers must find a way to reunite them to the exit. Gamers can switch characters by scrolling right or piggyback ride by scrolling down. Read the Full Review Here.

The Sky is Falling


by Ovine by Design

Universal – $0.99


The main objective of the game is to help Orange break all the stalactites in the cave with his spanner so that he does not become crushed, all while a giant boulder chases him. Every time Orange runs through the cave, the roof continues to drop down slowly. If Orange runs into one of the stalactites, he becomes knocked out and the game ends. Since The Sky Is Falling does not save the player’s progress, you must start from the beginning. Read the Full Review Here.



by 4gency

Universal – $1.99


Node.Hack requires players to infiltrate secure servers in an effort to steal as much money as possible. While this may seem easy, gamers must avoid AI enemies along the way and escape before the network self-destructs.The gameplay may look familiar to gamers because it has a Pac-Man appeal. Instead of chomping down on ghosts, fruit and small dots, gamers must navigate their way through the game to seize their payload while collecting important data. Read the Full Review Here.

iSpherical – A Wizard’s Journey


by Stefan Preuss

iPad Only – $1.99


The game features 7 worlds and over 84 levels that will keep players occupied for hours. The goal of iSpherical is to help the Wizard guide his sphere to the vortex exit on each level. Players must make or build blocks strategically to solve the puzzle levels. There is always evil lurking around so gamers must be careful. Hidden items such as a magic floating bubble and damaging magic as well as bonus levels are integrated into the game to encourage players to have fun while they work hard to complete all the levels. The game incorporates many classic elements like keys and warp portals while also adding some twists of its own. Read the Full Review Here.

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