Top 5 Tower Defense Games for iOS

The Tower Defense genre has some of the most popular games in the App Store. The strategy games involve different types of towers, damage and enemies, but they all have that special something to keep players coming back for more action. From games like TowerMadness and iBomber Defense to Legendary Wars, it’s easy to see why this genre is so popular. We searched through our reviews to bring you the Top 5 Tower Defense Games Available for iOS. Don’t see your favorite listed below? Leave a comment and let us know.


Kingdom Rush



Developed by: Armor Games Inc.

iPad — $2.99

iPhone/iPod touch — $0.99


Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game developed by Armor Games Inc. While the game has been in the App Store for quite a few months, a recent update has made the game play even better for tower defense lovers. For those not familiar with Kingdom Rush, the goal of the game is to defend the kingdom with the help of wizards, trolls, orcs and other helpers using towers, spells and weapons. The fights take place in a variety of scenery such as forests and mountains. Read the Full Review Here.


Towers ‘N Trolls



Developed by: Ember Entertainment

iPad — Free

iPhone/iPod touch — Free


Towers N’ Trolls HD is a fast paced tower defense game. Developed by Ember Entertainment, the goal of the game is to defend the kingdom from troll hordes. Players must think quickly to protect the kingdom because the trolls march through at fast speeds. For those not familiar with tower defense games, the basic concept is to build towers along the sides of a road to stop the monsters (or in this case trolls) from making it to the end. Trolls come in many different shapes and sizes so gamers must use a variety of towers to destroy them. Read the Full Review Here.


Monster Wars



Developed by: Liv Games

Universal — $0.99



Monster Wars is the sequel to Liv Games’ popular Legendary Wars. Monster Wars offers gamers a similar game play style, but it contains a completely new story line. Monster Wars is an RPG game with side-scrolling action. Both Monster Wars and Legendary Wars revolve around castle defense. The games feature special attacks and unique characters that fight on the battlefield. Instead of teaming up with the good heroes in Legendary Wars, players are helping the bad guys. Without giving too much away, the storyline involves resurrecting dragons in the land of Legendaria. Read the Full Review Here.





Developed by: 3 Sprockets

iPad — $0.99



Cubemen is a tower-defense game that just recently had a major update. This fast-paced multiplayer game is even more fun to play. What sets it apart from other TD games is that there are no static towers. Players spawn their little men with orders to a location to attack or defend. The Cubemen can be moved around at any time. With well over 60 different types of levels to play and over 40 achievements, players won’t be able to put this game down for one second. Read the Full Review Here.


Jelly Defense



Developed by: Infinite Dreams, Inc.

Universal — $2.99



Jelly Defense is a creative tower defense game. Gamers must help the Jellies defend their planet against invaders that wish to conquer their world to steal the Crystals of Power. Players must join the resistance and fight the enemy to become a hero. The unique graphics, music and style of the game are what make it a lot of fun to play. Although the game has a creative look, it isn’t much different than most tower defense games. Players must use strategy in an effort to beat the waves of enemies that invade each level. Read the Full Review Here. 


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