Top 5 Unique Social Networking Apps for iOS

Social networking isn’t going away anytime soon. Although the Facebook and Twitter apps are great and efficient ways to stay in touch, there’s many other apps out there that can make it even easier to connect with others. While Flipboard, Instagram, and Foursquare are a perfect way to start, don’t limit yourself to just these apps. Expand your horizons and explore what’s out there by checking out our Top 5 Unique Social Networking Apps that stand out from the crowd. Don’t see your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.





Developed by: Cynapse

iPhone — $2.99



Localscope is a location browser for your iPhone. The app is a virtual window to the world around you and allows users to discover and find people and places through geo-tagged information from search engines, media sharing services and social networks. The app works worldwide so users can explore locations wherever they travel. Localscope brings together all the useful information from a variety of sites and places it at your fingertips. The app lets you see exactly where you are and then explore everything around your location. Localscope pulls data from sites like Bing, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and a variety of other high profile website sources to create an accurate populated list. Read the Full Review Here.



Discovr People

Developed by: Filter Squad

Universal — Free



Discovr People is a universal app with one goal in mind: to help users locate new followers on Twitter. Developed by Filter Squad, Discovr People allows users to explore Twitter with the help of a virtual map. The app lets users type any Twitter handle on the main screen. Once users locate an individual, tapping on their picture causes other similar Twitter handles to branch out on the screen. Tapping twice on a picture opens a detailed profile, touching once makes more people branch out on the screen and tapping and holding gives users detailed information such as the number of followers and the user’s bio information. Read the Full Review Here.




Developed by: Simplified Networks

Universal — Free



Moovu – Your Trending Videos is a new way to discover, collect and share videos from Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and other popular websites. The free app lets users have full control over the videos that they love. The interface is well-designed and users are free to connect either with Facebook or by creating an account with Moovu. From there, users can have Moovu find cool videos that their friends have posted, look for videos from artists and other pages that you follow on Facebook and even find the trendiest videos. Users are also free to organize their videos into channels to share with friends. Read the Full Review Here.




Developed by: Hallo, Inc.

iPhone/iPod touch — Free



Hallo is a social networking app that’s described as “like texting, but with your voice.” Users are free to share voice clips with specific contacts, groups or publicly for all Hallo users to hear. Users can then follow posts, like, share the ones that they love and even reply to their own post. In order to use Hallo, you’ll need either a Facebook or Twitter account. This is a disappointing aspect for users who do not utilize either of these services. Adding more login options would attract a wider audience. After users login, they’ll need to input an email address and a phone number to get started. Read the Full Review Here.




Developed by: Saturized

iPhone/iPod touch — Free



The Fontain app is designed for people who aren’t so great at picking out the perfect gift or those who always wait to the last minute to get something. There are three ways to sign into the app: Facebook, Twitter or the Fontain app itself. Once users sign in, they can then invite their friends, followers and contacts to download the free app. With Fontain, users can take pictures of gifts they wish to receive or have received and share it with their friends. There’s a feed so users can see new gifts and wishes of the people that they follow and they can browse the newest and most popular gift wishes on other users’ lists. Read the Full Review Here.


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