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Totem Tribe Gold HD


Published by: G5 Entertainment


Price: Free


:-D : A real-time strategy game that requires players to help restore peace and lead a tribe to a better future.

:-( : Can get boring and repetitive at times.

8-O : There are adventures and mini-games to complete as players rebuild.


Totem Tribe Gold HD (also available for iPhone) is a real-time strategy adventure game where the main objective is to rebuild an island tribe. Gamers help Aruku, the chief of the Hawk tribe, to restore peace and lead her tribe to rebuild their island after a comet wrecks havoc.

Gamers must not only help rebuild the island but also establish balance by gathering sacred totems and returning them to the Cradle of the North.

Players begin by building a few huts for the tribe. In turn, these huts produce workers which help build more things on the island. It’s much like other similar strategy games. Players tap and drag to make buildings and move them to the desired locations.

Since it is like most real-time strategy games, there’s a lot of waiting involved. As players wait for things to be built, there are objectives to complete like finding stones and gems. These side missions help keep the game interesting, but it ultimately still feels boring at times.

Gamers progress through levels as they complete goals. There are 32 different locations, 22 quests and mini-games as well as 20 artifacts to collect and preserve. Game Center achievements are also incorporated to help spice things up a bit.

Totem Tribe Gold HD is a nice casual strategy game that doesn’t get too frustrating, which makes it ideal for players of all ages. Hardcore gamers may find it a little mundane and repetitive at times. Overall, it’s a fun game if you dig the civilization building and real-time strategy genres. It’s free to download and costs $6.99 (iPad) or $4.99 (iPhone) to unlock. It doesn’t hurt to give it a try if it sounds interesting. 

Version Reviewed 1.0

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