Trap Mansion


Developed by: Red Radiant Media Limited


Price: Free


:-D : A puzzler that has gamers running, jumping and sliding to find their way out of spooky mansions. The levels are challenging and the graphics are impressive.

:-( : Controls are hard to get used to at first.

8-O : There’s a personal graveyard that tracks all failures.


Trap Mansion (universal) has arrived just in time for Halloween, although it’s pretty fun to play year-round. In this game, players find themselves trapped in a scary mansion and they need to find a way out without getting caught in a booby trap. Everything about it screams spooky including the soundtrack and 3D graphics.

Gamers are free to select between two different mansions, with each one featuring 12 levels. The goal is to get to the exit while avoiding the traps, obstacles and scary creatures along the way. Things start out easy, but don’t be fooled. It gets more difficult as gamers work hard to make the perfect exit plan.

Each level has a timer that records how fast players make it to the exit. Instead of three bright and shiny stars, players can earn up to three skulls at the end of each level. A few of other perks include level stats, Game Center integration as well as challenges for gamers to complete along the way.

Be prepared to die a lot in this game. Unlike real life, dying isn’t the end of it all. Gamers will be able to see where their last character died and they are in full control of a new one. There’s some odd humor thrown in to keep things entertaining.

The controls for Trap Mansion are simple. Tap and hold in the desired direction and jump over obstacles or slide under objects with a two or one finger swipe. I’m not a big fan of swiping as things get confusing easily, especially when more than one finger is involved. It’s hard to remember how many fingers are needed, which means gamers may find themselves jumping when they really need to slide. It takes some getting used to.

Trap Mansion is a challenging puzzler that’s particularly more fun to play during Halloween, but it’s easily just as fun any day of the year. The graphics are sharp, the game play is solid and there’s plenty of challenging content. Those looking for a cheap and entertaining maze-style puzzler should check this one out today.

Version Reviewed 1.0

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