Vintage People


Developed by: João Pestana


Price: $99.99


:-D : Create old black and white photos of yourself, friends or family members with over 50 different photo templates.

:-( : Could use more customizations features and photo templates. No iPhone version.

8-O : Write a personal message to customize your photo.


Vintage People (iPad) is a photo app that lets users create black and white pictures of themselves, friends and family members and then place their faces back in time. There are over 50 different photo templates and many decorations for iOS users to vintage themselves.

There are plenty of photo apps available, so it’s hard to find one that really stands out. What I like the most about Vintage People is that it is quirky, and it has a sense of humor.

When users first open the app, they can flip through galleries of faceless photos. There are many to choose from and quite a few of them will make you chuckle. There’s a person holding their own head, an attractive woman with a snake wrapped around her as well as sailors, soldiers, explorers, war heroes, cowboys and Indians. There’s a lot to pick and when users can’t find one they like, just select an empty frame and play with the decorations.

All the pictures are black and white and look realistic. When it’s time to add your face, just tap on the picture button and capture it or select one from the Photo Library. The picture shows up transparent on top of the vintage picture. Users must pinch and resize it to fit into the face. Once it is dragged into the green area, move it around, pinch and turn to give the face an angle to match the pose, adjust the brightness or even add hilarious decorations. There are hats, glasses, smoking pipes and mustaches to choose.

Along with adding decorations, users can also write messages on different styles of paper to customize the photo even more. When the vintage photo is complete, tap to save, email, tweet or Facebook it.

I enjoyed how realistic the photographs look. The developer spent time making everything look professional, and manipulating the photos is intuitive.

I’d like to see more frames available soon. While 50 is a lot, users will crave more. The app could stand to use more ways to customize the pictures such as additional decorations, ways to change the message font, and pictures that feature more than one person.

Overall, Vintage People is worth its $0.99 price tag. There’s plenty of pictures to explore, and they all will put a smile on your face. If you check out this app, send us your best vintage photos on Twitter. We’d love to see them.

Version Reviewed 1.1

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