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Voice Assistant

Voice Assistant: A Voice Recognition App That Is Five Times Faster Than Typing

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (11 votes, average: 4.27 out of 5)



:-D : Voice Assistant is a speech recognition app that sends SMS messages, emails and social network status updates with the touch of a button.

:-( : The app isn’t intelligent like Siri. However, it isn’t meant to be a clone.

8-O : The app features automatic grammar correction and it can detect the end of speech.

Voice Assistant (universal) is a voice recognition app developed by QuanticApps. The app is easy to navigate and allows users to instantly see email messages and texts before sending them to friends, coworkers and family members. The app supports a wide range of languages, but I was only able to test the US English option.

With Voice Assistant, users are able to dictate status updates directly to Facebook and Twitter, SMS messages and emails. The app even allows users to send voice-to-text transcriptions to Pages, Doc2Go, DropBox, QuickOffice, Evernote and other applications that use the clipboard.

Voice Assistant is five times faster than typing on the keyboard and features automatic correction of grammar and conjugation. The app can detect the end of speech and is based on intelligent speech recognition that improves over time.

The app is easy to use. Tap on the microphone to begin recording. When users are finished, the app allows them to view their messages. Users can then send the text to Email, SMS, Clipboard, Facebook, Twitter or a compatible app.

Before users open Voice Assistant, they must connect their device to either WiFi or 3G/EDGE. Voice Assistant only works on devices that have an external microphone. It is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Users must have iOS 4.0 or later to use this app.

Voice Assistant isn’t meant to be a Siri clone, and it isn’t recommended for users who already own a newer device with the built-in voice dictation located on the keyboard. If Voice Assistant were intelligent and offered users more options such as the ability to search or answer questions, the app would really have a competitive edge.

The voice recognition app still has a few kinks to work out because sometimes the dictations aren’t always accurate. Fortunately, the developers are still working on the app and users will always be sent free updates. According to the App Store description, the devs have already issued an update less than a week after launching.

The interface is simple and clean, which provides a nice user experience. Voice Assistant is a useful productivity app that can really come in handy when users don’t have time to manually type a message. Pick it up in the App Store today to just use your voice.

2 Responses to “Voice Assistant”

  1. Tabetha Waddington says:

    The iPod Touch (stylized and marketed as iPod touch and colloquially known as iTouch) is a portable music and video player, handheld game console, and email-capable personal digital assistant, designed and marketed by Apple Inc.[10] It is not a smartphone, though its design and operating system closely resemble Apple’s iPhone.`:,-


    Latest short article straight from our new blog

  2. Leslie Barnt says:

    Prior to iOS 5, the iPod branding was used for the media player included with the iPhone and iPad, a combination of the Music and Videos apps on the iPod Touch. As of iOS 5, separate apps named “Music” and “Video” are standardized across all iOS-powered products. While the iPhone and iPad have essentially the same media-player capabilities as the iPod line, they are generally treated as separate products. In the last few years, iPhone and iPad sales have overtaken those of the iPod.:^–


    So long

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