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weColor Zoo Edition HD


Developed by: Sami Ghawi
App Store Rating: :

Price: $0.99


:-D : weColor Zoo Edition features three fun coloring modes and a wide assortment of colors for children to use.

:-( : The addition of more coloring pages would help make the app more engaging.

8-O : Youngsters can create their own drawings on a blank canvas, and import pictures into the app to decorate.

weColor Zoo Edition HD (available separately for the iPhone) is an interactive animal coloring book. Developed by Sami Ghawi, weColor features over 20 black and white animal photos as well as a blank canvas for children to create their own masterpieces.

weColor contains three interactive modes: finger painting, in-line painting and bucket painting. Finger painting lets children color any section of the picture freely. In-line painting helps contain the painting within the lines, and bucket painting lets children color a large area with ease.

Aside from the painting modes, children can also change the brush size, choose from a wide assortment of colors and even add stickers to the picture. An eraser is present to fix any mistakes, and the narration teaches children the proper names of colors and animals.

weColor Zoo Edition works in both portrait and landscape modes so children can hold the iPad in the most comfortable position. When children are finished painting an image, they can then save it to the Camera Roll or Share it via Email or Facebook.

The option to import an image from the photo gallery, draw pictures on a blank canvas and the ability to view and edit saved images makes weColor Zoo edition a lot of fun for children of all ages.

There are many other features that weColor Zoo offers that make it stand out from other interactive coloring books. For instance, a color wheel makes it possible for children to have access to a huge amount of available coloring. Also, there are four available brush sizes to select as well as three different stickers for children to add to their creations.

While the app contains a variety of animal pictures to paint, the addition of more coloring pages would make it more appealing. Adding in-app purchases to the coloring book or providing more coloring pages in future updates would give weColor Zoo a higher replay value.

weColor Zoo Edition HD is fun for the whole family. Parents will enjoy watching their children create masterpieces without worrying about marker stains on the wall, and children can enjoy using their imagination to bring the pictures to life. The interactive coloring book has more to offer than most apps like it so parents won’t be disappointed with this purchase—especially considering its low purchase price.

Version Reviewed 1.0

What's new in Version 2.01

Fixed Crash in iOS6

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