Inefficiency of the products purchased : LpmJambi
Inefficiency of the products purchased : LpmJambi

Inefficiency of the products purchased : LpmJambi

 Here are the latest Bukalapaka call centres to submit complaints

For those who are experiencing problems within you or want to know the latest information, you can contact the Bukalapaka Call Centre via telephone and social media  . This Integrated Information Service Center, one of the largest e-commerce apps in Indonesia, is actively serving customers full 24 hours a day. So, you do not have to hesitate to contact the Bukkalapaka call centre if you face problems while shopping.

This is because bukalapaka team helps to manage obstacles, complaints, criticisms and suggestions from customers. This is Bukalpac’s commitment to maintain customer satisfaction related to shopping through online media. So, bukalapaka team responds quickly to all complaints or complaints from customers.

The importance of the role of the Bukalapaka call center in the eyes of consumers

The call center or integrated information centre alerted by this company consists of the task of answering, finding solutions and adjusting the expectations of all customer complaints or complaints. Therefore, call centres play an important role in maintaining the trust of consumers in using products from the company.


The same is true of Bukalapaka. One of the largest e-commerce companies in Indonesia offers a call center that is active 24 hours a day in 7 days. There are 3 ways you can use to connect to call center services from Bukkalapaka. First, you can use an interactive telephone service.


Secondly, you can send messages via social media or email. And thirdly, you can directly use the Open Help menu available in the app. Here is the Bukkalapak call centre that you can use when you encounter problems or problems while shopping at Bukalapaka.


So, you can opt for the call center services provided by the Bukayapaka team. Try to choose Bukkalapak’s call center service based on the type of complaint you feel while shopping.

Types of complaints of Bukkalpak users and must contact the call centre

Bukalpak is one of the market apps that always responds to all complaints and inputs from customers. All the complaints of bukalapaka consumers were immediately well responded to. Therefore, these are the types of complaints that need to be resolved by contacting the Bukkalapaka call centre. Among them are the following:

  1. Orders that will never come

It can be really embarrassing if the order package doesn’t arrive. For this reason, consumers need clarity regarding the order packages purchased. So, here’s the Bukalapaka call center  that you need to contact. In addition to contacting the Bukkalapaka call center, you also need to contact the delivery party. The goal is that you get more detailed package information.


  1. Inefficiency of the products purchased

Bukkalapa call centrealso acts as an intermediary between the sellers and  buyers. Sometimes, the buyers feel that there is a fraud committed by the seller. Hence, the buyer submits a complaint to the call centre. And the call centre sends the reports from the customers to the concerned department for the investigation process.


  1. Barriers while withdrawing balance

Sometimes, sellers or sellers in Bukkalapaka often face difficulties while withdrawing the balance from the sale. This can be caused by an application that is subject to maintenance or other factors. This is the Bukkalapak call centre that you need to contact  so that the balance of sales funds is immediately disbursed to the seller’s account.


  1. Do not avail promo benefits

If users don’t get the benefits of the promo, then you can contact the call center. This is because there are many factors that consumers don’t get the benefits of the promos conducted by Bukalpauk. You can ask the call centre directly from Bukalapaka for more details.

Here comes the Bukalapaka call center via an interactive phone and social media that is active 24 hours a day

To submit complaints, complaints, criticisms and suggestions after shopping at Bukkalapaka, you can contact the application call centre directly. Bukkalapak is very open if there are many users who want to submit complaints or suggestions.


No wonder the Bukalapaka call centre is available in the form of interactive telephones for social media. In fact, the Bukalapak app also provides a call center service that is ready to help you find solutions to complaints or barriers experienced.


You can choose the types of call centres alerted by the Bukalapaka team. If the complaint or obstacle you are facing is urgent, you  should contact  the Bukalapak Call Center via interactive telephone here.


You can call 50813333 (021). This interactive phone from Bukalapaka stands for 24 hours to help customers who are facing problems while shopping in Bukalapak.


If you want to report non-urgent complaints or criticisms and suggestions, you can contact the call centre from Bukkalapakka via social media.


You can also send a direct message (DM) through @BukaBantuan Bukalpak’s Twitter account. In addition to sending live messages (DM), you can also provide comments, which will then be replied to by the social media team from Bukalpauk.


In addition, you can also submit complaints via electronic messaging or email. And here comes the Bukalapaka call center via email  . For the content of the message, please write down the complaints you feel when shopping in Bukalapak. Then, attach the evidence in the form of pictures, videos or screenshots.


Comparison of call centres provided by Bukkalapaka

As a kind of  application for online shopping, Bukkalapak  has also  alerted  a call center  which  is ready to serve customers  24 hours a day in 7 days. Therefore, you can report issues on weekends  and provide  with the help provided by Bukalapaka  .


There are a lot of users who compare the performance of the Bukalapaka call centre. On average, users feel that the Bukalapaka call center service will be more responsive through this interactive telephone connection.


This is because the service via this interactive telephone connection is usually for emergency complaints. So, the officer will provide remedial measures.   I wonder if this is not a Bukalapaka call centre that is always busy in resolving complaints from customers.


However, you will be charged a call fee to contact the Bukalapaka call centre through this interactive phone. So, make sure you have enough credit to contact the Integrated Information Center from Bukalapaka.


Some users claimed that it would take longer to submit complaints through social media such as Twitter and email. This is because call centre officials from Bukkalapakka are also responsible for answering direct message (DM) messages from other users through social media.


Therefore, the settlement process takes longer compared to using an interactive telephone call center. Not only that, there is no cost of contacting the Bukalapaka call centre through social media. So, if you can’t contact the officer via an interactive telephone line , here’s an alternative Bukalpak call center .


Bukalapak is one of the largest market applications in Indonesia. So it’s no surprise that there are so many call centres to make it easier for users to submit complaints or complaints. For that,  here’s the Bukkalapak call centre where you can contact when you have trouble shopping.

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