JBL Service Center Location and Service Provision
JBL Service Center Location and Service Provision

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The JBL Service Center is one of the places to look for damaged products when you find them. JBL itself is a product manufactured by HARMAN. As you know, HARMAN is the best audio brand from America.

Of course, there is no need to deny JBL’s quality. JBL’s products are very popular and well used throughout Indonesian society. Even the quality of the product has proven to be very long-lasting and has maximum performance.

JBL’s speakers are new technologies that facilitate our needs in today’s sophisticated times, the features they have that always lead us to the best audio listening experience.

In addition to technology, JBL also has a variety of products with colorful designs, so if you are very concerned about design when choosing a speaker device, JBL seems to be the answer. However, as with any other product, the speaker may be damaged.

Although famous for its durability, JBL speakers can also be damaged. The JBL Service Center can be visited if you find that the speaker is damaged. This service center is spread out in different cities in Indonesia. Learn more about the JBL Service Center here.

JBL Service Center & Store Locations (All over Indonesia)

The first is Yogyakarta. This store and service center is located in Plaza Ambaru Kumo, Jalan Camel Adishipt 13 in Depok, Yogyakarta. The place is open daily from 10am to 10pm, including weekends. You can call 0274 4331405 for numbers in this location.

The second is in central Jakarta. The location of this official service is located in Jalan Kepsel 4, Bungul, Senen and Central Jakarta. It is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and closed on Sundays. You can call 021 42871228 for the number at this location.

The third JBL Service Center is located in Surabaya. The official service location is located in Pak Wong Mall in Surabaya, Jalan Meijen Yonosu Yono 2. As this location is located in a mall, it is open from noon to 8 p.m. and is open on Sundays. You can call 031 7392249 for this location number.

The fourth is in Surabaya. The official service location is located in Musta Jab 1, Mayor of Jalan, Grand City of Surabaya. The location is open from 10am to 10pm and is open on Sundays. You can call 031 52405956 for numbers in this location.

The fifth is in Bandung. The official service location is located at 23 Pascal Shopping Mall, Jalan Pasir Kaliki 25 – 27, Bandung. The location is open from 10am to 10pm and is open on Sundays. You can call the number of this place in the 08157080903.

Services provided by the JBL Service Center

The JBL Service Center offers a wide range of services. First, product information. At the service center, you can also ask about JBL’s products. For example, the latest features and new products are displayed.

Secondly, consultation on the use of the product. JBL’s products come with new features, so you may not know how to use them. Rather than mistaking the greeting, it is better to consult directly at the JBL Service Center. Later, the service center will explain how to use the product.

Third, there is consultation on damages. Not only will the service center be able to repair the repair, but you can also consult the damage first before repairing the product, so you can estimate how much it will cost later so that all your favorite speakers are back to their original state.

Fourth, a place for the purchase of the unit. If the service center is in the same location as the store, you can purchase units at that location. In fact, you can consult with the seller to find a speaker series product that really suits your needs, from benefits to features.

Finally, we will make improvements to the product. This is the core task of the service center, which is to repair the product, and if the speaker is damaged, whether it is under warranty or not, the product can be repaired immediately at the official service center.

Benefits of Repairing Components at an Official JBL Service Center

There are many people who think that repairing at the official service center seems to be long and there are many disadvantages. In fact, there are different types of benefits that you can get when choosing an official service center as a place to repair your unit. The following are the benefits:

  1. The problem is really well solved. As an official service center, of course, the problems with the unit that you experience will be solved properly, as you will know all the components and even the installation of P Roduc. It is different if you want to service in a random place.


  1. The price is very competitive. Usually, many people think that to do services at a service center, they need a lot of money, even though the prices they have to spend are very competitive because they are comparable to the services or services they offer. In addition, JBL Service Center really pays attention to quality.


  1. The components are guaranteed to be reliable. KBL is a product priced at a fairly expensive price, but of course, if you have a damaged component, you want to get the original component. With the service in the official place, you can get a completely original component.

Tips before visiting the JBL Service Center

There are some tips when visiting the service center. First, check the location first. JBL’s service center locations are not available in all cities, so it’s a good idea to check if the location is in your city.

Then, prepare all the files properly. If you go from JBL to our service center and repair the product with a warranty claim, make sure that all files are properly prepared, including the unit box, purchase notes, and warranty cards. You should not be able to claim a warranty just because the integrity of the unit is incomplete.

Thirdly, please check the warranty period of the product. When making a warranty claim through the JBL Service Center, we recommend that you first check the warranty period. This warranty period does not apply when you use the product, but it does apply when you purchase the product, so we recommend that you exercise extreme caution before submitting a claim.

Finally, please pay attention to the terms of the warranty. Each warranty has its own terms and conditions, but generally the product warranty does not apply if the damage has expired after the warranty period, but this product warranty also does not apply if the damage was caused by human error or if the unit was previously disassembled.

Sure, it takes a long time to do the service at the service center, this is to check the unit to check the warranty, so it is in really good condition so that the unit will reach your hands later. However, if you are given the choice, of course, choose the service at the JBL Service Center.

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