Choose your office layout and location : YayasanBaik
Choose your office layout and location : YayasanBaik

Choose your office layout and location : YayasanBaik

Stay safe, how to renew your passport online by avoiding crowds

This year  , the way to extend passports online is  considered  safer.   Given that in recent months, the Covid-19 pandemic  has required everyone to spend more time at home or avoid crowds.   So taking care of passports online is now   truly the right choice.

Some time ago, the service was also discarded.   Although it has  been reopened since June 15  , 2020, there is no amu that wants to expand it online.   Just by covering  a few documents,  you no  longer have to wait in linee .

There are two types of documents that are required as a condition of renewal, namely electronic Identity Cards and old passports.   But keep in mind that the conditions only apply  to the 2009 exit.   or later.   It’s different  in  the 2009 sebelum exit.  To be clearer,  you can understand the terms  and stages listed below.

 Know  the right time to renew your passport and documents for preparation

It should be understood that the general Indonesian period of validity of the passport is five years  after the first issue .   After that  , you can use it  at any time in that time frame to travel outside Indonesia.   Of course, provided there  is  still  a page to enter and exit a particular country.

But it is not recommended to look for ways to extend an online passport that exactly expires.   The reason for this is  that immigration authorities  do not allow those whose  validity period is less than  six months.   So if you don’t want to be constrained by the stages of immigration when you travel abroad, extend it for six months before it expires.

As explained at  the outset,  the requirements required for the extension may vary depending on the year of publication.   Especially for questions in 2009 and  beyond, documents must only be prepared with electronic Identity Cards and old passports.   Meanwhile, in pre-2009 issues.

Specifically how to extend an online passport issued before 2009 itself is almost the same when kamu creates a new one.   These include electronic ID cards ,  family cards and old passports.   Then the birth  certificate and other letters in which the full  name  of the applicant is written,  the place of birth, along with the names of his parents.

Especially for foreigners who  have changed their citizenship to Indonesian  citizenship, they also need a letter  of Indonesian citizenship .   Especially for  individuals who have changed their name, a letter of resolve is needed to change the name.   It is a detailed document  required by individuals  whose  passports were issued before 2009.

4 first steps How to renew your passport online , you need to install the application

 Choosing how to renew your passport online is no  longer necessary to wait in linefor registration.   Although later it is still necessary to come to the immigration office to carry out various other important stages.   In more detail, here is an easy way, starting from the first installation  of the application to saving the QR code proof of registration.

  1. Instaliraj servisni apk

The first step  is the need to first install APK Online Passport Service  on  Android and iOS devices.  You can also download it in the App Store  and the Google Play Store.   Later, the application will be installed automatically because it is the  official release  of the Director General for Immigration of the Ministry of Hinthe Godfather and Human Rights  of the Republic of Indonesia.

  1. Fill out the form

The next step  is to fill out the form on the installed apk .   Fill in all previously prepared documents .   Remind yourself to always  be meticulous in this.   So that  later there are no data or document errors can cause  the  p anjangan process not to start as it should.

  1. Choose your office layout and location

The next way to renew your passport online  is not  to forget to choose the location of the immigration office.   Of course, choose the nearest office  to the applicant’s place at that time.   Do not forget  to adjust the schedule to free time as well.   So you can get things done, without worrying about colliding with other important schedules.

You also need to fill in the number of people who will apply for an extension.   The applicant must also   provide a sufficient  quota of the registrant available on that date.   After completing this filling phase  ,  the applicant can click the advanced menu for the next  stage.

  1. Don’t forget to save proof of registration

When the entire stage of registration and filling out the form is completed, the applicant will receive a QR  code.  This code is proof that  kamu has already applied for an extension request.   Save this evidence so that it can later   be shown to an officer in  the immigration office who has already been selected.

4 steps on how to renew your next online passport Here are the fees to pay

In addition to the above   stages, there are other  stages that must be done, including the following:

  1. Visit the Immigration  Office  on schedule

The applicant  made  a registration schedule , as well as the location of his office.   The next way to renew your passport online is to arrive on time as planned  .   Do not forget to bring the necessary documents.  Also make sure you wear neat clothes, if necessary formal.   So the photo on  your latest  passport is also  good.

  1. Show proof of registration

The applicant must also  bring  proof of registration of the QR code.   Upon arriving at  the immigration office, show this evidence to the officer.   Later, the officer will give some forms.   Fill out a form in  which it will be checked  later along with  the requirements you have prepared in advance.

  1. Conduct stages of interviews

If there are several lines,  you need to wait a while until the interview stage  .   After that,  of course,  some questions will be given and proceed ing with photography.  Your   fingerprint stamp   will also be   taken.   Then, you just have to wait until it is called  again for the next  stage.

  1. Make payment with the following fees

The last way to renew an online  passport is to complete a payment transaction.   The amount  to be paid will vary depending on the type of passport.   For example,  in a regular paspor with 24 pages,  the cost range   is Rp100.  000,- to Rp200,000,-.   Different on 48 pages, consuming the Rp300 range.  000,- to Rp600.000,-.

It’s different for an e-passport that has 24 pages, the price is around Rp350.  000,- up to Rp800,000,-. 48 pages of e-passport is about Rp600.  000 to 1,200,000,-.   It can then also be subjected to additional service fees  for  the use of  issuing system  technology based on biometric samples on e-passports for IDR 55,000,-.

Later, applicants are required to wait a range of three working days  until a new updated passport is completed .    Applicants can  choose to pick up directly at  the immigration office or be delivered home.   It remains only to choose which  method is the easiest, but of course it may be subject to additional costs for  home delivery options.

How to renew   expired passports 

If you have an expired passport, there is no need to worry because it can still be  extended.   This means that although the expiration time is  more than five years after it was first published.   The required conditions also do not differ  much from the above.

You must meet the requirements  yourself, including a photocopyand an original ID card.   Then also bring your old passport where the matand validity date  were.   Then k amu will have to go through the same stages when  the passport extension is still active. This can be through a service apk or manual, or a visit  to the immigration office.

This phase of extending the validity period is in itself the most recent.   It should also be noted that  the special period of validity  of Indonesian passports was actually extended in 2020.   years, which is 10 years.  This means that if you renew now,  the passport will be valid for 10 years.

Traveling outside Indonesia requires several applications, one of which  is  a passport.   Therefore, always make sure that  the passport you have is valid  for at least 6 months so   that it does not interfere  during  the immigration process.  You just have  to choose to use the online passport renewal method as we explained or just manually.

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