ETC contacting the call center by e-mail : Mp3Juiceit
ETC contacting the call center by e-mail : Mp3Juiceit

ETC contacting the call center by e-mail : Mp3Juiceit

The goods were delayed? Contact the ETC call center in the following way!

If you often use ETC expeditions, you just need to contact the ETC call center if you encounter any problems with the delivery of goods. ETC itself is actually a company founded in 1990 that serves the public in matters of customs services, especially imports.

This shipping and logistics company is indeed quite famous in Indonesia and is even often used as one of the best options for online buying and selling transactions. ETC products and services are also very different, from ETC Express, ETC Logistics to ETC Freight.

Ifyou shop online, you will usually be askedto choose an expedition to deliver the goods at check-out. There are so many e-commerce companies that use ETC expedition services because they are experienced and rarely experience problems, even if you always use ETC, right?

what happens if suddenly the goods do not arrive even though they have exceeded the expected delivery time? In addition  to contacting the JMS call center, you can actually first track online to find out the location of the item. But in this article we will really discuss ways to contact CS ETC.

Check receipts using other sites

When buying online, you usually see the listed receipt number and you can check the receipt number. Although in fact in e-commerce, it can be seen that the process of sending goods has reached where and where.

However, sometimes there are some obstacles that lead to not updating the tracking of the e-commerce receipt number. From there, you can check using the official ETC website.  However, if the official website has not been updated or has technical problems, you can use other sites for verification of receipt.

Some of the recommended receipt verification sites for use are namely by going to the main page of the site then typing the receipt on your packaging, pressing Enter, and then following the instructions. The status of your package will be displayed there, or you can check it on other sites, such as:

  1. com
  2. id
  3. com

If you have checked various receipt check sites, but you still do not see an update to the status of your package, you can contact the CALL CENTER OF ETC.  There are many ways to file complaints or simply search for information about the delivery of parcels.

You can do this in several ways to connect directly to etc. customer service, namely through the listed email address, contacting ETC social media accounts and through the hotline service or phone number provided. In fact, you can also visit the Ask Joni page to come directly to the head office.

ETC contacting the call center by e-mail

This method is often done because it is easier , since you also do not have to spend a lot of money. Thus, you only need to send an email to the official ETC email address, which is about the complaint you want to make, and the tip is to send it in the correct format.

When sending an email, do not leave the subject section blank, the correct format is the subject of the content with a complaint, for example, “problem package”, then fill in a clear description or explanation of the problem you are facing in the body of the email. We recommend using a list of obstacles so that it is easy for CS to understand.

In the description section, do not forget to include the recipient’s name, the sender’s name and your active mobile phone number. You can also attach a photo if it is really necessary as evidence that you really have problems with the parcel sent. So you don’t need  to contact  the call center of the hotline service  JMS , you can do it first by email.

After sending the e-mail, you just need to wait for the answerc us to the mer service, where the duration depends on the order. It may be that in a few minutes the administrator will be able to immediately read and respond to your email. It can also wait a few hours or a few days.

Live messages ETC via social media accounts

In addition to the above method, namely sending a complaint through the listed email address, you can also send a message via ETC social media. but first make sure that the message ETC to social media is really his official social media account. In fact, it has been reported that filing complaints through social media accounts is faster than email.

ETC’s official social media accounts are Facebook @JNEpusat, Twitter @JNE_id, and Instagram @jne_id. Keep in mind that the call center for social media accounts JMS consists of three accounts, namely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so the rest open the official social media accounts of ETC, so you need to be careful.

Moreover, recently there has been a huge increase in the name of certain companies or expeditions. So really make sure the social media account is an official account of ETC to minimize the occurrence of unwanted events. So how do you send a complaint through a social media account?

You only need to send a message to one official social media account, and the format can be equated to sending a complaint by email. You will need to add the name of the sender, the name of the addressee, the number of the receipt and the mobile phone number, which is still active, as well as give some explanations for the problems that arise.

Access to the ETC call center on the ASK Jon website

The next option is via the Ask Jon page.  This  one site is a dedicated page that is indeed provided by ETC so that customers or customers can pass on problems more easily. Filing a complaint on the Ask Jon page is also very simple, namely:

  1. The first step is to open the Ask Jon page in
  2. Then you can enter the necessary data such as name, address and mobile phone number
  3. In the theme column, you can select customer service
  4. In the message column, you can fill in or say complaints that are experienced
  5. Then click Send Message

Like when you contact the call center service via email or j&t social media account, make sure that you have also entered the receipt number, sender’s name, and recipient’s name so that ETC can track or verify the location of the package. As for the Ask Jon answer on the site, you can get the answer from the mobile phone number you entered.

That is why in the column of the mobile number, enter the number that is still active or the number that will be used when sending the package to make it easier for ETC to connect. In fact, in addition to the above methods, you can also contact the ETC call center through the hotline service or make a direct call.

THE ETC hotline number is 021 29278888 where you can call the number and wait for the operator to answer the call, then press the extension button to connect to the handling section. Then you can communicate through the hotline service in both ways.

But, unfortunately, the hotline service is rarely used, because if you call directly to the listed number, the phone fee can be charged depending on the provider used. Tidak don’t know if consumers prefer to submit a COMPLAINT ETC to a call center via email or social media accounts.

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