Pi bon resèt West Javanese Tofu Eggplant resèt : CODASHOP
Pi bon resèt West Javanese Tofu Eggplant resèt : CODASHOP

Pi bon resèt West Javanese Tofu Eggplant resèt : CODASHOP

Pi bon resèt West Javanese Tofu Eggplant resèt

Who likes cooking, of course, must know the recipe for beanmush tofu in West Java.  Consider that Indonesia is one of the richest countries in the culinary world, especially the western part of Java.  Don’t forget that the country has different types of food from end to end.

From sabang merauke terdto delicious apartments that can be enjoyed by all circles of society without exception. Try starting early to find out what kind of food because the characteristics of each region are very unique and traditional. One of the most appetite pleasures is often called tofu explanation.

It is considered that the recipe for Egyptian tofu typical of West Java is not known to many people, of course you have to understand from now on.   Being a typical West Java gastronomir, of course, it can paper buds to the taste of food tourism consumers.   Perhaps for you as one of culinary tourism enthusiasts, you’ll immediately be interested after feeling it.

The flavor is quite unique and considered very delicious, making someone guaranteed to be instantly addicted to trying again. When consideringit’s the appearance and the beginning, it may not necessarily be appetite, but if you feel it, it smells pretty good. In fact, this is the most sought-after menu by the public when it comes to the restaurant.

It will be difficult if you have to come directly to a restaurant, it’s best to start early trying to understand all the recipes. Because we will explain in detail from the beginning until how to cook correctly. To get more information, here is a full discussion that’s easy to understand.

Origin of The West Javanes Tofu Eggplant Recipe

Stews are basically known as processed meat with a fairly delicious flavor because they are made using a combination of many ingredients. If you’ve tasted it directly, you can be sure there’s a sensation of seasoning flavor.   Especially in Indonesia it is rich in spices such as several types including beans, cinnamon, cinnamon, gloves, etc.

Giving some spice pick of food can certainly make the sensation more shaken when enjoyed. Moreover, the more the cold atmosphere is sure to make the appetite increase higher and certainly make yourself want to try to continue. Stews are often present during the Eid al-Fitr.

The history of the overall inventory before The Javanese tofu’s western recipe has invented recipes turned out to be quite unique. How this iniquity can arise because this type of food is the result of the merger of many cultures between countries.  This is evidenced by the start-up acculturation from Indonesia, the Netherlands, and also China.

This tradition has been running since ancient times, because people often process meat.   Well, over time stage meat has now become a tradition used as a traditional local cuisine.   Then over time this recipe was developed by many people until there were many kinds of how to cook it, etc.

Being the only famous food that is ruthless, of course, you from that moment on must also understand the whole recipe. We’ll explain all the way to cooking starting from the ingredients required. Just pay attention to this point in the discussion so that it’s easier to do specialties without going to a restaurant.

Full season that’s easy to find

The use of West Javanese tofu recipe stew recipes turns out to only use ingredients that are often found around the residence.   Maybe when visiting the nearest market there is already a complete material just paying without having to be bothered handicrafts. The main ingredient adjusted above is the Egyptian presence.

Egyptian use is used as the first item needed to facilitate the process of making food above. Then starting by preparing four bezen purple viday is enough.

Then, in order to follow the main recipe on the steam, it is definitely necessary to use beef on the most part grinder.   The presence of beef being the main ingredient from an early age should be prepared to taste. If you look at the portion above, use approximately 100 grams of beef only.

Then it is  also  necessary to spill the amount to 50 grams as a complement to the recipe for typical beneficiaries of West Java.  Pay attention to the use of water because it takes about 1,700 ml to complete the cooking process until it matures later. But cooking oil is also not left behind because it is used to cook all seasons.

Seasonal FlavorEd Delicious Food

Entering the stage of preparing seasons, of course, from now on to try to use shallots without the white type.   Spice feels good to be satisfied so the flavor created is even better when the food is served later.  A total of 8 are closed, serving them entirely to break before cooking.

Not only that, the use of red chilli also needs to create spicy, but only according to flavor. There’s no need to overuse it if you don’t want to be too keen, you can use a little chilli.   Also use half a small black spoon that has crushed into fine seeds so it can easily absorb in the dish.

Rexcept the typical tofu tofu steps in West Java next to the form of additional pepper in just enough amount, which is a case of a small spoon.   Also add sweet soy sauce roughly as much as ten tablespoons to clarify the distinctive sweetness of the stage.   To add sweets it is also necessary to use grown sugar.

But salt is also needed as a plojar so that there is a wild taste in the food when it is cooked later.  Now we enter the path of iron, where the earliest is to clean all the meat off in bits.  Heat the ton to a boil, then just drain it, then chop the onions and hot peppers.

 Easy Step Making Process

Entering the manufacturing stage, of course, the first step is to heat the cooking oil using a hot stove fire.   And just put the red chilli season accompanied by shallots in a pan.   Wait a while until a delicious appears and turns into a instant whip, then place the meat.

But before that, according to the recipe for west Javanese installed, so  that the flavor of meat feels more tender, it must be boiled first.  Boiling the meat must be made so that soft levels can be achieved quickly.  Then, when the meat has been put in, add pepper, nuts, salt to taste.

While waiting for the mixing process to be even distributed, you can pour the broth while stirring continuously. Pour the meatball after the spice is well mixed, after which it should also stir again mixed.  Almost finished, pour a sump amount ofa form of Egyptian and tofu as needed when cooking typically.

Stir the undercover until even distributed, then you must also pour the sweet soy sauce to taste more excited.  Wait for the grill to boil until the temperature is above 100 degrees Celsius, then place a little vinegar. Stir again and this meal is ready to be served nice to eat with the family.

The Tofu explanation was completed using the steps of Indonesia’s best chief executive, namely the traditional regional community. When you know all the above explanations, it’s certain that you can add From the gastroenterologist world. Now the recipe for western Javanese tofue stew explanation can be tried alone without having to be extravagant.

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