Traditional food remains popular : HappyMod
Traditional food remains popular : HappyMod

Traditional food remains popular : HappyMod

Preserving the Recipe for Making delicious West Javanese Knee andNutritious


Relying on the surrounding ingredients that are still naturally made food as recipes to make this typical West Javan knee also Ingredients such as plants, for example, will introduce fiber and nutrition to your body, although the preparation is limited to easy snacks.  supplemented by an easy production process.


It is undeniable that food is a fundamental human need for survival. Indonesia as a rich nation also has many specialties from each region. Each region has various traditional foods with unique tastes.


Culinary is one of Indonesia’s riches because it is unique and different from the food of other countries. There are all kinds of things from rice food, snavers to drinks. Even this food is not unusual, which is recognised internationally for its enjoyment.


This food is made from different types of local ingredients to meet the daily needs of local people. Most of the nutrients in this preparation are complete enough for daily active activities. This traditional food with such processing can be delicious and nutritious.


The food of each region such as the region in West Java is quite interesting for development. In this case, as citizens who are proud of their culture, we are obliged to preserve wealth as recipes for making a knee typical of West Java. This can also make foreign tourists interested in the culinary uniqueness of each of these regions.


The richness of West Javanese traditional snags

In the midst of the development of modern times, traditional food must be preserved for later generations to still enjoy it. Including preserving traditional snacks such as a knee-making recipe typical of West Java is a common responsibility of Indonesians even though they are originally from West Java.


Indonesians known for snacking can be one of the methods ofmoping ice that dances to the culinary wealth of the nation. Unlike general Greeks who do not have nutrients, colenak has advantages that make it even more possible to maintain.


West Java with its Sondanski tribe is known as the owner of hundreds of delicious food recipes and has even spread widely in Indonesia including recipes for making a knee typical of West Java.


This traditional snack with a simple process and ingredients that are also natural makes nutrients quite guaranteed. Without preservatives and tastes that are harmful to the body, the knee is still healthy. This snacture can even still be processed with various new innovations to be more in line with the wishes of the current community.


Greek and recipes for making this typical West Javanese knee is one of the foods that has long been known in West Java for its uniqueness.


Savoury savoury diets

Although colenak is a category of snack,Making as a snack can help meet your vitamin needs due to its significant content.


Tergolong snack with a recipe for making a typical West Javanese tape knee to have good benefits for digestibility. The content of vitamin B12 to fat is also found from this processed food.


By adding brown sugar that tastes  unique, you can be addicted when eating this sweet snack.


Even in places to calm young people, such as cafes, knee-making recipes typical of West Java are often the main foods that are very popular.


Traditional food remains popular

If you visit Bandung or other tourist areas in West Java, it is quite easy for you to meet this snaking seller. Although it is a relatively old school, as taste and recipe make this typical West Javan knee easy and conservation activities that continue to occur, the knee is increasingly in demand and continues to exist.


Human need for food continues to develop in today’s modern society. With the sale underway over time, i.e. targeting the youth community, the knee can continue to be enjoyed until now, and also in the future.


Although classified as a snack, the target is not only the group of children who want a snack, but all ages are also actually. Like other Sunda specialties, the knee is known throughout Indonesia. Traders are also not only indigenous Sundanpeople but other people because of their promising economic potential.


Until now, colenak can be sold in packaging and is widely purchased as a typical west Java souvenir. In the past, colenak was just an ingredient in a tape of cassava and brown sugar sweeteners, now it can be enjoyed with different variants. There are many flavors that are implemented by culinary lovers so that they can enter with the languages of many people.


The finished tape, first steamed or burned so that the sweet taste of the fermented result comes out. The sugar content that is quite in the tape when burned makes sweet taste enthusiasts even more like this grilled tape. With ingredients still relatively natural, colenak is very safe to consume except without the use of preservatives.


Snacks and recipes make this typical West Javan knee classified as healthy, Currently, not only cold snacks must be imported or expensive.  cheese, banana and other flavors are also increasing to the popularity of this food.


How to make Knee simple

Besides being delicious, nutritious, it turns out that it is not difficult to make this typical West Javanese knee recipe at home.


Then youcan use teflon or a similar non-stick pan for g angnya. First prepare the soup by boiling brown sugar with the addition of water, then add the cream coconut later.


Cook this solution until it is boiled and flavoured and then you can immediately set it aside. To make the roasted tape, first separate the fibers from the cassava, then shape them to taste. Next, bake until caramel is in place for a few minutes on both sides. If you think it is suitable for maturity, you just need to add the toppings or cocoons to the container and they are ready to enjoy.


If you want to try other variations on your knee you can steam it, you don’t have to steam it. To suit children’s preferences, you can replace them with chocolate, cheese, fruit flavors such as cocola past brown sugar. The recipe for making this typical West Javanese knee can be adapted to each other’s wishes, but taste and diet remain the same.

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